Dead Cells how to Wall Jump guide

Dead Cells how to Wall Jump

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

Dead Cells how to Wall Jump guide – Locations and requirements to unlock the Wall Jump ability with the Spider Rune

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Dead Cells how to Wall Jump – Requirements

You need to unlock two runes previously:

You need the Vine Rune. A permanent rune that causes climbing vines to grow. You can find it in Promenade of the Condemned, In a room accessed by entering a door found at the base of a large overhang, defeat the elite Undead Archer to get it

You need the Ram Rune. A permanent rune that lets you break through certain floors. You can find it in Ossuary, in a room with spikes that is in front of a switch-operated door, defeat the elite Slasher to get it.

Now you can reach the area where the Spider Rune (Wall jump ability) is:

Dead Cells how to Wall Jump – Location

You need to reach Slumbering Santuary:

  • From the Prisoner’s Quarters head to the Toxic Sewers (you need the Vine Rune)
  • From there go to Ancient Sewers (you need the Ram Rune)
  • Now defeat the boos in Insufferable Crypt
  • Once in Slumbering Sanctuary Defeat the Elite Boss Caster in a room with a dropdown and a banner, he will Drop the Spider Rune.

The Spider Rune is a permanent buff, that allows you to stick to walls and jump between two surfaces to reach higher levels. So now, with the Spider Rune you can wall jump

Video Guide

If you still have any doubt check this 3 min video guide, where the youtuber Maka91Productions gets the Spider Rune

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