Dead Space Remake Security Clearance Levels

dead space remake security clearance levels

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

Dead Space Remake Security Clearance Levels – Having trouble getting past Security? See our guide to obtaining Security Clearance levels in Dead Space Remake.

Because it is a reboot of the original Dead Space series, this sci-fi horror video game has several unique gameplay mechanisms. One of these is the Security Clearance levels, which contain a variety of riches. There are locked doors and containers scattered throughout Ishimura that require varying levels of Security clearance to unlock. You can loot the credits or ammo inside these rooms as you unlock them. However, several players are perplexed about obtaining these clearances. Not to worry, you can find out how to get Security Clearance levels in Dead Space Remake by reading our guide.

Dead Space Remake Security Clearance Levels – How To Unlock It

The Security levels can be obtained or unlocked by progressing through the storyline. That means you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get them in Dead Space Remake. So, if you’re determined to collect all of the resources and weapons, you’ll need to be patient enough to progress through the story.

However, for those who are impatient, here is when you will be able to unlock all three Security clearance levels:

– Security Clearance Level One: This clearance level is unlocked during Chapter 2 Intensive Care. By speaking with Hammond, you can obtain this clearance from Captain’s Rig, which is located in the Morgue of a Medical Deck.
– Security Clearance Level Two: This Security clearance level will be unlocked during Chapter 4 Obliteration Imminent. To obtain the Security Clearance level 2, interact with Hammond in the Captain’s Nest.
– Security Clearance Level Three: Clearance Level 3 is unlocked during Chapter 7 Into the Void in Dead Space. To obtain this clearance, locate the Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig on the Ishimura’s Mining deck.

Players can return to previous areas after receiving the Security Clearance upgrade. These can assist you in opening locked containers or doors due to a lack of clearance levels. Inside these rooms or containers, you can obtain a variety of resources or credits. While increasing your Security clearance levels unlocks new rooms, you don’t have to go back in time. That’s because the plot always returns you to the same location. However, with a few exceptions, obtaining Security clearance levels is also quite efficient. You can return to these areas as you progress through the story.

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