Demon Slayer Legacy Codes – Roblox – June 2022

Demon Slayer Legacy Codes

Last Updated on 8 June, 2022

All the valid Demon Slayer Legacy Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by Legacy Studio! – Redeem these codes for free boosts, tons of coins and exclusive in-game items

Demon Slayer Legacy Codes – Full List

Redeem these codes for free boosts, tons of coins and exclusive in-game items

Valid & Active Codes

These are all the valid codes

  • SORRYFORSOMEBUGSAFTERUPD – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • TYYOUTUBERS – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • 7KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • 10KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • 13KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • UPCOMINGKYOGAI – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • UPCOMINGACCESSORYSHOP – Redeem Code > free spins (New)
  • ANOTHERBUGFIXCODE! – Redeem Code > free spins
  • 5KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins
  • 3KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins
  • RESETYOURSTAT – Redeem Code > Reset Stats
  • BUGFIXCODESORRY! – Redeem Code > free spins
  • 2KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins
  • 1KLIKESCODE – Redeem Code > free spins

We don’t know about any of the rewards yet, but they sure are cool, and there will be loads if the game keeps getting likes at the rate it is, so we hope you enjoy all the goodies.

Legacy Studio! ROBLOX Social Media Channels

  • Discord: ??
  • Twitter: ??
  • Youtube: ??
  • Roblox Group:!/about

Expired codes

These codes are no longer work:

Leave us a comment if you find more codes, so we can keep the list updated

Demon Slayer Legacy Codes – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem a code in Demon Slayer Legacy:

  1. Launch Roblox Demon Slayer Legacy
  2. Click on the Customization Menu
  3. Copy a code from our valid codes list
  4. Paste it into the Enter Code text box (upper right corner of the customization menu)
  5. Hit the Enter key button to get your reward!

Gaming Dan’s redeem codes video guide (thanks to Youtuber Gaming Dan)

How to play Demon Slayer Legacy? Roblox Game by Legacy Studio!

This game is on Alpha, please expect bugs and report them immediately

PC ONLY (other devices will be supported later)

Choose your power and use it to become the strongest demon slayer, or perhaps a demon? Gather your companions and fight against stronger opponents, be an unstoppable beast!

A game where the story follows the original arc and plans to expand it throughout, interesting gameplay, and limitless worlds to explore!

1K likes for first codes (upcoming)
2K likes for more codes

Exploiting will result in a data reset, 2nd offense would permanently ban you. Never cheat and play fair.

⚠ Pay attention to the controls, this game has somewhat hard difficulty.

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