Demonfall Family Buffs

Demonfall Family Buffs

Last Updated on 8 September, 2022

Demonfall Family Buffs –  All the families and their buffs explained and ranked with a tier list from S+ ( Best) to E (Worst)

Each Family gives its own unique perks > Format: Slayer Perks//Demon Perks

Demonfall Family Buffs – All Families

All the families and their buffs:

  • Kamado Family’s Buffs:
    • Kamado (Protagonist): + 20% Experience,
    • Start with Dance of the Fire God and can learn sun breathing easier
    • As a demon, you gain IMMUNITY to sun
  • Tomioka Family’s Buffs:
    • Start with lunge and shoulder bash
    • Can learn water 11th form
  • Shinazugawa Family’s Buffs:
    • 25% Faster stomach drain
    • 25% Faster health regen
    • Can use your scent to attract demons if you aren’t a demon
  • Himejima Family’s Buffs:
    • +30 health after buff
  • Rengoku Family’s Buffs:
    • +20% Flames damage, Flames ninth form
  • Tokito Family’s Buffs:
    • +10% Experience, Mist 7th form
    • As a hybrid you can learn moon breathing easier
  • Ubuyashiki Family’s Buffs:
    • 2SP on start
    • +10% Experience
    • Permanent burn injury
  • Iguro Family’s Buffs:
    • Start with dash mastery
    • +2 WalkSpeed over buffs
  • Kanroji Family’s Buffs:
    • +15% Damage on EVERYTHING
  • Kocho Family’s Buffs:
    • Poison anyone that close-range attacks you
  • Agatsuma Family’s Buffs:
    • At a downed state, enter a 45 seconds berserk state (+50% Damage) with 20% health
  • Hashibira Family’s Buffs:
    • Boar head -10% stomach drain and +10% Health regeneration
  • Haganezuka Family’s Buffs:
    • Don’t need money to forge items
    • 5x Ore sell price
  • Haganezuka Family’s Buffs:
    • Don’t need money to forge items
    • 5x Ore sell price

No buffs

  • Uzui Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Urokodaki Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Kuwajima Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Tsuyuri Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Kanzaki Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Nakahara Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Terauchi Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Takada Family’s buffs: No Buffs
  • Kanamori Family’s buffs: No Buffs

Demonfall Family Buffs – Tier List

The tier list of families based on their buffs

  • S+ Tier: Kamado
  • S Tier: Kanroji
  • A Tier: Tokito
  • B Tier: Tomioka, Agatsuma & Rengoku
  • C Tier: Shinazugawa, Hashibira & Kocho
  • D Tier: Ubuyashiki, Himejima & Iguro
  • F Tier: Haganezuka
  • E Tier: Uzui, Urokodaki, Kuwajima, Tsuyuri, Kanzaki, Nakahara, Terauchi, Takada, Kanamori

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