DemonFall Map Roblox – Demon Fall

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

DemonFall Map Roblox – Demon Fall – Map with the main areas marked, as well as NPCs that you can find in each location

DemonFall Map Roblox – Full Map

Complete map with all DemonFall or Demon Fall locations of interest marked, the map is in high resolution, but zoom in to see it better

DemonFall Map Roblox

Credits to the Trello user “ocodastrevastrevosa”

  1. Yellow = Thunder trainer Kuwajima
  2. Blue = Water trainer Urokadaki
  3. Light Blue = Mist Trainer Muichiro
  4. Orange = Flame Trainer Rengoku
  5. Arctic = Beast Trainer Inosuke
  6. Bright Violet = Insect Trainer Shinobu
  7. Dark Violet = Hybrid Converter & Moon Trainer Kokushibo
  8. Amber Orange = Sound Trainer Uzui
  9. Reddish Maroon = Sun Trainer Tanjiro
  10. Lime = Wind Trainer Grimm

If you need info about what you can find in each location, read the next section, locations:

DemonFall Map Roblox – Locations

Main Locations and NPCs available in each location, from the starting point to the furthest areas of the map, like Sun Mansion or Demon Hideout

Frosty Forest: In front of the spawn point

  • Tokito – Trainer

Hayakawa Village: Left from the spawn point, south from Frosty Forest

White Peak: South from Hayakawa Village

  • Rengoku – NPC

White Cavern: North east from white peak

Demon Purgatory: North east rom Frosty Forest

  • Rocher(Upper moon 6)
  • Aleos
  • Guard Demon Purgatory
  • Charles
  • Omah
  • Victor

Green Demon: North west from Frosty Forest

Frosty Cavern: West from Hayakawa Village

Coast Forest: South West from Hayakawa Village

  • Kujima – NPC
  • Urokodaki – NPC

Sakura Passage: West from Frosty Cavern

Exam: West from Sakura Passage

  • Exam Girl – NPC
  • Exam Girl – NPC

Sun mansion: North West from Sakura passage

Okuyia Village: South from Sakura Passage

  • Grimm – NPC
  • Freedie – NPC
  • Soup Boy – NPC
  • Okuyia Tavern Girl? – NPC
  • Peaker – NPC
  • Okuyia Merchant – NPC
  • Esnor – NPC
  • Joro – NPC
  • Guto – NPC
  • Ichiru – NPC
  • Ronoa – NPC

Okuyia Cavern: South West from Okuyia Village

Kamakura Village: South from Frosty Cavern

  • Kitomara – NPC
  • Hadam – NPC

Demon Hideout – Okuiya Hideout: South west from Okuyia Village

  • Romeo – NPC
  • Shoga – NPC
  • Broa – NPC
  • Mai – NPC
  • Rocher aka Polnareff – NPC

Corps Base:

  • Kitomara – NPC
  • Jako – NPC
  • Marrone – NPC

If you need some boosts, check the Codes updated list, Controls, Family Buffs, Best Breathing Tier List and the Script Pastebin Hacks, Trello Link

Trainer Locations

A video tutorial by ReezyBeWilding with the locations of all the trainers: Flame Trainer, Lightning Trainer, Wind Trainer and also the Water Trainer

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