Diablo 4 How to unlock Occultist guide

Diablo 4 How to unlock Occultist

Last Updated on 27 March, 2023

Diablo 4 How to unlock Occultist guide – It is one of the most interesting NPCs in the game, and although its location is not very clear, the method to obtain it is

One of the most significant NPCs you will encounter in Diablo IV is probably the occultist. The Occultist can add and remove aspects from weapons as well as carry out a number of other tasks for the player. This is crucial for developing end-game setups that are capable of taking on some of the game’s most difficult content. In Diablo IV, this article will explain how to unlock the occultist.

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Diablo 4 How to unlock Occultist

You will need to finish Diablo IV’s Prologue first. It shouldn’t take more than ten or twenty minutes to complete this simple task. You’ll know after you’ve finished the Prologue since the main player hub will now be accessible once you arrive in Kyovashad and bid Lorath farewell.

The following stage is rather easy since Diablo IV’s Occultist can only be accessed when players successfully complete a Dungeon. There are dungeons everywhere across Sanctuary, and they are identified by a symbol that resembles a grated door. The icon and an example of a dungeon are shown below. Since you can take up this at any level, you can meet this NPC right away in the first hour of the game.

Occultist Uses

You might be curious as to how the occultist will be used in Diablo IV and what his role will be. Players should be aware of the following valuable abilities of the occultist in Diablo 4:

  • You only need to go to the Occultist if you want to remove the Legendary Aspect from a piece of equipment that you do not require.
  • Moreover, they have the ability to imprint Legendary Aspect into a piece of legendary or rare equipment.
  • In Diablo IV, the Occultist can also create Sigils for you in addition to Aspects. The difficulty and danger of the dungeons you enter are increased by sigils. You can also salvage low tier Sigils right here.
  • The Occultist may also enchant your gear, and you can now roll for better affixes when you reroll the enchantments.

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