Discord 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix

Discord 500 Internal Server Error

Last Updated on 14 March, 2022

Discord 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix – If Discord is down it’s probably because of this error, we’ll explain how to fix it

Discord 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix

This is one of the most common Discord errors, and it’s also very disconcerting, because everything was working fine until without having made any changes to your team this error started appearing

The main reason isn’t usually your computer or your connection, so simply waiting is usually the best solution. Usually it is an issue with the Roblox servers and it is something that they must solve

Of course check that everything else works normally to confirm it. Try browsing other websites and opening other applications. And if you want to stay calm, restart your device

You can also check if Discord is Down here > https://discordstatus.com/

Now, if you know that other people to whom the error appeared have already managed to connect to Discord but the error continues to appear for you, there is something you can do, and that is to empty your cache. Since both the pages and the apps can continue to show old information for a few hours unless you empty the cache. So if you are interested we explain how to do it

Discord 500 Internal Server Error – Clear Discord Cache

How to Clear Discord Cache on PC

  1. Click the Start button > type  %appdata% > click the result that appears
  2. Go to the Discord folder, then find the Cache folder. Delete all the files you see inside

How to Clear Discord Cache on Chrome

To clear your cache on Chrome, press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, then select Cached images and files > Clear data

How to Clear Discord Cache on Firefox

Click the three bars at the top right, then select Options. Select Privacy & Security, then find Cookies and Site Data and click Clear Data

How to Clear Discord Cache on Android

  1. Open Settings and select Storage.
  2. In the resulting list, tap the Apps entry (Other Apps on Android 11 and earlier). This will take you to a list of all the apps installed on your phone.
  3. Choose the app whose cache you want to clear. To see which apps are taking the most space, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and choose Sort by size. We’ll use Chrome as an example.
  4. On the app’s info page, tap the Clear Cache option.

How to Clear Discord Cache on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone will let you clear the cache, but sometimes you need to uninstall and reinstall the app

So if you are an iPhone user, as this is most likely an issue with the Discord servers, we recommend that you just wait.

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