Rythm Discord Bot Commands

Rythm Discord Bot Commands

Last Updated on 14 March, 2022

Rythm Discord Bot Commands – All the Bot & Slash Commands explained – listen to any of your favorite songs with a group of friends or by yourself

Rythm Discord Bot Commands – Full List

  • !lay: Plays any selected song
  • !np: shows the song that is currently playing
  • !disconnect: disconnects the Rythm bot from the server
  • !skip: Skips the song that is currently playing
  • !skipto: Skips to any desired song on the queue
  • !move: Moves any song of your choice forward or backward in the queue
  • !rewind: rewinds the song currently playing to any desired point
  • !forward: Forwards the song currently playing to any desired point
  • !clear: Clears the song on the queue
  • !ping: Checks the bot’s response time to Discord
  • !aliases: This shows the aliases of each bot command
  • !remove: Removes a song from an already created queue
  • !search: Searches a music source for a particular entry
  • !soundCloud: Searches SoundCloud for a song
  • !seek: Helps to find a particular point within a music track
  • !stats: Displays the stats of the bot
  • !join: Helps the bot respond to your voice commands
  • !loop: Helps you loop the song currently playing
  • !loopqueue: Helps to loop the entire song on the queue
  • !donate: Displays information on how to donate to the Rythm server
  • !shard: Displays the shard you are currently on
  • !removedupes: Deletes duplicates of songs on the queue
  • !info: Contains information about Rythm
  • !replay: Replays the song currently playing
  • !settings: changes Rythm’s settings
  • !shuffle: shuffles the tracks on the queue
  • !invite: displays invite links
  • !volume: adjusts the current volume of the track
  • !pause: pauses the track currently playing
  • !clean: deletes messages and commands on the bot
  • !lyrics: display the lyrics of the track currently playing
  • !playskip: adds a song to the queue and skips straights to it
  • !playtop: plays the songs on the queue from the top
  • !queue: allows a user view the songs on a typical queue. If you have more than one queue, type the command and add the page number in front. (Queue 4 for example)

Rythm Discord Bot Commands – Slash Commands

  • /bassboost: Enables / Disables bass boosting audio effect
  • /clear: Clears the queue
  • /debug: Shows helpful information for debugging issues
  • /disconnect: Disconnect Rythm from the voice channel
  • /effects clear: Clears all audio effects
  • /effects help: Shows a list of all audio effects
  • /effects list: Shows currently enabled audio effects
  • /forceskip: Force skips the song that is currently playing
  • /forward: Seeks forward by a certain amount in the current playing track
  • /grab: Sends the current playing song through direct messages
  • /help: Shows information about Rythm
  • /invite: Shows information on how to invite Rythm
  • /join: Summons the bot to your voice channel
  • /leavecleanup: Removes songs from users that have left the voice channel
  • /loop: Toggles looping the current playing song
  • /loopqueue: Toggles looping the entire queue
  • /lyrics: Shows the lyrics of the current playing song
  • /move: Moves a certain song to the first position in the queue or to a chosen position
  • /nightcore: Toggles the Nightcore audio effect
  • /nowplaying: Shows the current playing song
  • /pause: Toggles pause for the current playing track
  • /ping: Checks Rythm’s response time to Discord
  • /play: Adds a requested song to the queue
  • /playnow: Plays a requested song immediately
  • /playsotd: Plays the song of the day
  • /playsotm: Plays the songs of the month
  • /playsotw: Plays the songs of the week
  • /playtop: Adds a requested song to the top of the queue
  • /prune: Prunes Rythm’s messages and commands up to 100 messages
  • /queue: Shows all currently enqueued songs
  • /remove: Removes specific songs from the queue
  • /removedupes: Removes duplicate songs from the queue
  • /replay: Resets the progress of the current playing song
  • /resume: Resumes the current playing track
  • /rewind: Rewinds the current playing track by a certain amount
  • /search: Shows a list of songs that match the search query
  • /seek: Seeks to a certain point in the current playing track
  • /settings alwaysplaying: Toggles Rythm’s always playing mode
  • /settings announcesongs: Toggles Rythm announcing each song as it plays them
  • /settings autoplay: Toggles auto-playing songs from a playlist when the queue ends
  • /settings blacklist: Blacklists the usage of commands in text channels (Toggle)
  • /settings defaultvolume: Sets the default volume
  • /settings djonly: Only allow DJs to enqueue songs
  • /settings djplaylists: Only allow DJs to queue playlists
  • /settings djrole: Changes which role is considered DJ, roles named “DJ” will still apply
  • /settings maxqueuelength: Limits the size of the queue
  • /settings maxusersongs: Limits how many songs the user can queue
  • /settings prefix: Changes the prefix used to address Rythm bot
  • /settings preventduplicates: Prevents users from adding duplicate songs to the queue
  • /settings reset: Resets Rythm’s settings back to default
  • /shuffle: Shuffles the queue
  • /skip: Vote to skip the currently playing song
  • /skipto: Skips to a certain position in the queue
  • /slowed: Toggles the slowed audio effect
  • /sotd: Shows the song of the day
  • /sotm: Shows the songs of the month
  • /sotw: Shows the songs of the week
  • /soundcloud: Adds a request song from soundcloud to the queue
  • /speed: Enables / Disables speed audio effect
  • /summon: Summons the bot to your voice channel
  • /volume: Check or change the current volume
  • /voteskip: Vote to skip the currently playing song

Rythm Lagging or not working

The most important thing is to detect if the problems started before or after using the command. If it is due to the command, re-enter it correctly, if it is not due to the command, check the following

  • See if it’s muted by the server
  • Check that you have the necessary permissions
  • Of course check that Rythm is online
  • Check the audio settings
  • Exit the channel and re-enter
  • As a last option close Discord and reopen it

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