Dubu Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

dubu best builds in omega strikers

Last Updated on 28 September, 2022

Dubu Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Choose the best build for the Dubu character with its most powerful abilities and equipment!

There are many characters to select from in Omega Strikers. You should choose one that suits your playstyle and compliments the rest of your team. A great defensive pick is the giant and adorable hamster Dubu. Below are suggestions for the best Dubu builds, trainings and strategies in Omega Strikers.

Dubu Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Trainings and Perks

In order to get the most out of your character, you need to equip the right trainings. These are passive perks that can be worn, and you can use three of them at once. They change your playstyle and abilities, so it’s important to choose the right ones. For Dubu players in Omega Strikers, we recommend using these Trainings. Alternatively, forward players could use these Trainings.

Dubu Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Forward Build

Dubu’s offensive capabilities are extremely limited. This is due to the fact that his defensive kit is very effective and he is very slow. However, Dubu can be effective as a forward or midfielder supplement if you enjoy a slow-paced game. One of his abilities, Creator of Larger Things, makes Bamboozle and Tofu Fortress larger. This creates a barricade for the opposing goalie to send the core through. Alternatively, Built Differently and Crossover can increase both Dubu’s size and speed. With these two abilities, he can perform marginally better while outside of the goal.


  • For 1.5 seconds, strikes gain 35% haste.

Built Differently

  • Gain 35% bonus and 5% increased attack power.

Creator Of Larger Things

  • Creations grow 50% larger and hit 5% harder.

Dubu Goalkeeper Build

Dubu benefits greatly from a position as a goalkeeper because of his great defensive equipment. He should take advantage of Rapid Fire, which allows him to use Bamboozle more often. Essentially, this lets him keep up a shield at all times and shoot at range. Dubu’s Built Differently power increases his already large size and lets him punch the center of the core harder. Additionally, Creator of Large Things increases the size of anything Dubu throws out; this turns larger objects into larger walls.

Rapid Fire

  • Primary skill cooldowns reduced by 12%. Maximum level increased to 25%.

Built Differently

  • Gain 35% and 5% increased attack damage

Creator Of Larger Things

  • Creation size has been increased by 50% and hit difficulty has been increased by 5%.

How to play Dubu in Omega Strikers

Dubu’s poor speed and defensive-oriented kit makes him best suited to playing goalie or defensively. When playing Dubu, you must have good timing and judgment regarding when to place walls and when to strike the core. When playing as a Defensive Dubu, the Bamboozle ability will become your best friend. You should prepare to use this ability at any time the core is heading toward you. Bamboozle puts up a small wall that bounces the core away from you, which is useful when combined with Tofu Fortress. Tofu Fortress allows you to block off a large portion of your goal from strong enemy offenses. However, keep in mind that Tofu Fortress has a long cooldown time. The move Somerassualt can be used to briefly stun opponents who are bothering you. It can also be used to briefly halt the core, allowing a teammate or yourself to line up a clear pass or shot.

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