Era Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

era best builds in omega strikers

Last Updated on 28 September, 2022

Era Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Choose the best build for the Era character with its most powerful abilities and equipment!

There are many characters to select from in Omega Strikers; choosing one that matches your style and plays well with others is suggested. One character that’s commonly used in the meta is Era; we’ve included information about her on our build, strategies and training recommendations below.

Era Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Trainings and Perks

Important changes to your character’s abilities and playstyle come from Trainings, which are passive perks. You can equip three of these Trainings at a time, and they’re necessary to maximizing efficiency. In Omega Strikers, our Era recommended Trainings are for forwards or goalkeepers. These are the best Trainings to use in the game.

Era Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Forward Build

Era is a support hero that focuses on buffing, debuffing, harassing and scoring. Crossover’s speed buff pairs well with Era’s Flutter Fly ability. Casting to Last increases both buffs and debuffs; this increases pressure on the enemy team and supports Era’s allies. Magic Maelstrom is Era’s most powerful ability; Extra Special allows this to be used more frequently.


  • For 1.5 seconds, strikes gain 35% haste.

Extra Special

  • A 15% reduction in Special Ability cooldown time begins the round. Finishing a round reduces its remaining time by 15 minutes.

Cast to Last

  • abilities duration increased by 100% when buffed or hastened. When you decrease an enemy’s abilities, the decrease lasts 100% longer.

Era Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Goalkeeper Build

Era is a great goalkeeper, and this build increases her strengths. Super Surge enhances Era’s abilities by increasing the effectiveness of Flutter Fly. Built Differently provides more power and bulk; this makes Era a better defender. Extra Special allows Era to cast Magic Maelstrom more frequently— both an offensive and defensive advantage.

Super Surge

  • Abilities that move the body increase damage by 20%. Dashes and blinks increase in range by 50%.

Built Differently

  • You gain a 35% advantage and increase the force of your hits by 5%.

Extra Special

  • A 15% reduction in Special Ability cooldown time begins a new round. Completing the round decreases the remaining cooldown by 15 seconds.

Era’s play mode in Omega Strikers

Era is suited for playing as a forward or midfielder. Her abilities are based on buffing, debuffing and harassing opponents. She’s also great at clearing space or knocking out players. Era can be played as a goalkeeper, but she’s better suited for an offensive role.

Her ability Her Flutter Fly is a great tool for counterattacks when combined with a push. Bewitching Beam is useful for harassing other players; it gives nearby players a speed boost as long as they’re in the casting area. Any chance you get, you should use Bewitching Beam. Watching its cooldown and using it frequently will help your team make progress through the shrunken, weakened enemies.

Her special ability is what makes her famous. The Magic Maelstorm clears the arena and scores knockoffs early. We recommend using this ability near the opposing team’s goal; it’s best used angled to push them off the sides or into the goal. An open goal box results from opponents being forced to leave the area. This easy shot can be taken immediately.

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