Dwarf Fortress How to Build a Well Guide

Dwarf Fortress How to Build a Well

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Dwarf Fortress How to Build a Well Guide – The recipe, getting the ingredients, how it is placed and aspects to take into account

One of the necessities that you should never neglect is the supply of water, and as your fortress grows larger, there is nothing better to ensure that your inhabitants do not go thirsty than to build a Well. So in this guide we will show you everything you need to know step by step.

Dwarf Fortress How to Build a Well Guide – Recipe & Ingredients

These are the ingredients you need to build a Well (its recipe), and how to get them:

Well Recipe = Bucket + Chain or Rope + Block + Mechanism

  • Bucket: Buckets are made of wood at a carpenter’s workshop or metal at a metalsmith’s forge or magma forge
  • Chain or Rope:
    • Chains are created at the metalsmith’s forge with one metal bar (or four adamantine wafers) using the metal craft skill
    • Ropes are created at the clothier’s shop with one cloth, using the clothier skill
  • Block: Stone, wood, glass, ceramic, and metal blocks can be created respectively in a mason’s workshop, a carpenter’s workshop, a glass furnace, a kiln, and a forge
  • Mechanism: can be created by a dwarf with the mechanics labor

Once you have gathered all the ingredients you just have to go to the Build Menu and find the Well in the Machines & Fluids Section. It requires a dwarf with the architecture labor designated to design, and then a mason, carpenter or metalsmith to finish the construction. Then you can place it using the b and l keys

Dwarf Fortress How to Build a Well Guide – Placing the Well

Only open areas are suitable for placing wells. They occasionally appear on the landscape naturally, like in the dry river bed in the screenshot above, but you can also create them yourself by adding holes or downward slopes. The other important aspect of well placement is that it must be in a clear area above water at any level. Once you’ve fulfilled those requirements, you can put in the well and have a backup supply in case your dwarves run out of the good thing.

When possible, try to locate your well above rushing water. Even though the well is intended as a backup, it is still advisable to eliminate any potential hazards because stagnant water can make your dwarves sick.

In order to prevent accidentally flooding your fortress, it is crucial to take into account location, safety, the source of the water, and any water pressure when building a well. Although the most important thing is that the Wells need a clear, direct passage leading down to their water source in the vertical direction.

Video Guide

In case you have any questions, we leave you this Blind video guide, in which you can see through a gameplay, how to carry out all the steps for its construction, and how it is placed or what you should take into account when doing it

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