Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmet Seeds Guide

Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmet Seeds

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmet Seeds Guide – How to get them, forbid to cook them, and what to do if drowning in plump helmets

Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmet Seeds Guide – How to Get?

Short Answer: Your dwarfs must consume the plant uncooked (raw) or brew it into alcohol. Make sure you have bags to gather the seeds. You won’t get anything if you cook the Plump Helmets, so DON’T COOK the Plump Helmets, you need to straight-up FORBID it

The easiest, toughest, and most adaptable of the six underground plants for dwarves to grow are plump helmets. One of the plants with the quickest growth rates, they can be consumed raw, boiled, or fermented into dwarven wine. They need an underground farm plot, which needs dirt or water. The only vegetarian foods available for purchase at embark are these.

Never forget that cooking plants will annihilate their seeds, or in this case, “spawn”. A plant’s plump helmet spawn, which may be transferred to a seed bag, planted, and utilized to create more, is left over after both eating and brewing it. This crop should be farmed by new players because it grows quite quickly, can be planted throughout the year, can be consumed raw if necessary, and can be used to produce alcohol.

Drowning in plump helmets?

A fort may begin to drown in plump helmets if only plump helmets are grown across a sizable region; this is a very horrible situation where waves of purple mushrooms must be resisted with barrels upon barrels. There are two methods to deal with it. The first is to start incorporating them into meals—the fancier the better. These reduce the population because they don’t create spawn. This will also level up a cook and produce happy thoughts in your dwarves. Second, rotate your crops to include items like cave wheat or pig tail (to jumpstart the textile sector) (to provide some variety in the diet).

Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmet Seeds Guide – Video Guide

Finally we leave you a video guide from Brig Briz in which the youtuber shows you how to Forbid Cooking Plump Helmets

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