Empire of Sins Cheats – Console Commands

Empire of Sins Cheats

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Empire of Sins Cheats – Console Commands – We will explain you how to enable the console, and also provide you the full list of cheats or console commands

Empire of Sins Cheats – Enable Console

First you need to find the file:


Open it with notepad, set the setting “developerMode” to “true” (No caps), save and close.

If everything is fine you should see “[Dev] QA Perf Test” on the game’s start menu

Now you can use the cheats using:

  • `” (to the left of the “1” on the keyboard): Opens the console
  • “ALT + 1”: Opens the GUI Menu
  • But if you want you can also access the GUI menu from the pause screen

Empire of Sins Cheats – Console Commands

Super Cheats

  • God Mode: Dev.toggleGodMode()
  • Player Always Hits: Dev.togglePlayerAlwaysHits()
  • Fast Conversations: Dev.toggleFastConversations()
  • All Safe House: Dev.revealAllSafehouses()
  • All Rivals Known to Player: Dev.makeAllRivalsKnownToPlayer()
  • Fog of War: Dev.toggleFogOfWar()
  • All Rivals Factions Known to Each other: Dev.makeAllRivalFactionsKnownToEachOther()
  • All Factions Know All Buildings: Dev.makeAllFactionsKnowAllBuildings()
  • Add Boss Ability Cards: Dev.addBossAbilityCards()
  • Max Notoriety: Dev.giveMaxNotoriety(faction)
  • Ease Nick Name Requirements: Dev.toggleEaseNicknameRequirements()

Money Cheats

  • Add Cash: Dev.addCash(Amount of cash you want)
  • Add Cash to all Factions: Dev.addCashToAllFactions(Amount of cash you want)

Alcohol Cheats

  • Add Whiskey: Dev.addWhiskey(Amount of Whiskey you want)
  • Add Premium: Dev.addPremium(Amount of Premium you want)
  • AddTop Shelf: Dev.addTopShelf(Amount of Top Shelf you want)
  • Add Rack: Dev.addRack(Amount of Rack you want)
  • Add Swill: Dev.addSwill(Amount of Swill you want)
  • AddPoison: Dev.addPoison(Amount of poison you want)

Weapon Cheats

  • All Weapons: Dev.giveAllWeapons()
  • All Abilities: Dev.giveAllAbilities()
  • AllAmmo: Dev.giveAllAmmo()
  • All Armor: Dev.giveAllArmor()

Inventory Cheats

  • Add Item to Boss: Dev.addItemToBoss(itemId, count)
  • All Utility: Dev.giveAllUtility()
  • Add Item to Target: Dev.addItemToTarget(itemId, target, count)
  • Add Item: Dev.addItem(itemId, count)

Speed Cheats

  • Set Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeed(speed)
  • Default Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedDefault()
  • x2 Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedX02()
  • x4 Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedX04()
  • x8 Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedX08()
  • x16 Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedX16()
  • x32 Game Speed: Dev.setGameSpeedX32()

Empire of Sins Cheats – Debuggers & Modders

Use these commands only in you know what you are doing:

  • Debug Info: Dev.toggleDebugInfo()
  • Screenshot Mode: Dev.toggleScreenshotMode()
  • Dev Options: Dev.toggleDevOptions()
  • Tactic Table Logs: Dev.toggleTacticTableLogs()

Other Console Commands & Cheats guides:

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