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Imperium Galactica Cheats

Last Updated on 15 September, 2023

Imperium Galactica Cheats & Codes – Infinite money, unlock colonies and inventions, cheats on planets, and promote to the rank you want (Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Admiral, Grand Admiral)

Imperium Galactica Cheats & Codes – How To enable Cheats?

Enter the game, and while playing Hold Left Shift, type “karoly” (without ” “) and press any of the keys we are going to provide you depending on the cheat you want

Imperium Galactica Cheats & Codes – Full List

  • C: Unlock all colonies and inventions
  • x2 C (Click C twice): Unlock cheats on the planets
  • V: Money Cheat – 100,000 credits
  • 5: Promote to Rank 1 or LT – Lieutenant
  • 6: Promote to Rank 2 or CPT – Captain
  • 7: Promote to Rank 3 or CMDR – Commander
  • 8: Promote to Rank 4 or ADM – Admiral
  • 9: Promote to Rank 5 or GR ADM – Grand Admiral

Side Effects

If you use these cheats there are two known glitches:

1st glitch: some minor graphical glitches in the lower left hand corner of the game

2nd glitch: If you increase your rank to 5 (Grand Admiral) and you move your fleet to areas unlocked by the cheat (not previously available), be careful. Move them back if you want to reduce your rank to 1 (Lieutenant) because otherwise you will lose them

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