UBOAT Cheats – Console Commands

UBOAT Cheats console commands

Last Updated on 15 September, 2023

UBOAT Cheats – Console Commands – How to open the console, and the explantion of all the available in-game cheats or console commands

UBOAT Cheats – How to Open Console?

Just Press (~), the key to the left of the “1” on the keyboard. If you don’t find that key, try to press the key to the left of the “1” on the keyboard. And if it doesn’t work press the same key you use to open the console in most of the games

UBOAT Cheats – How to use Cheats?

Once the console is open just imput the cheats, but be careful, cheats are Case Sensitive

And to enter cheats you will find 4 types of cheats or console commands:

  • Normal cheats: Like “Leak”, just input Leak to create a random Leak
  • Select the target: Like “Bomb”, select the target and then drop a bomb with the cheat
  • Numbers: Like “Budget”, enter the cheat & the value, for example “Budget 1000” will give you 1000 money
  • Names or ids: Like “Weather”, enter the cheat & the name or id, for example “Weather Calm” will change the weather to calm

UBOAT Cheats – Console Commands

  • Bomb to drop a bomb on selected target.
  • Break to break the selected ship.
  • Budget X to add X money
  • Compensate Not tested
  • Damage X to deal x Damage to selected target
  • Detect X to add a specified count of nearby contacts to the detection list.
  • Dock X to dock you x = name of the port
  • EntityInfo X Gives all entity parameters x= name of the entity
  • Escape to run away
  • Infect to infect a random crew member.
  • Leak to create a random leak
  • Mission X To Start Mission X x= number of the mission
  • Promote to promote
  • Reputation X Gives X reputation x= number
  • Scenario X To Start scenario X x= name of the scenario
  • Skip X to skip X days x= number
  • Spawn X to spawn an enemy in front of you x= name of the enemy (Warships, Convoy, Transport, Submarine)
  • StartTask X To Start task X x= name of the task
  • Task X Affected on mission status x= name of the tast
  • Teleport X Y To teleport to coordinates XY, x= latitude, y= longitude
  • Torpedo X to launch a torpedo on selected target x= name of the torpedo
  • Trauma to set discipline to zero
  • Travel X Y We don’t recommend you to use this command, but if you want, x= Engines Power, y= Turn
  • Weather X to change the in-game weather, x= weatherid (Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm)
  • Wound X to damage X sailor moon, x= name
  • XP X to give X Xp to the specified character, x= number

Console Commands vs Mods

Of course there are mods with more options than the console commands. If you want to take a look this is the most popular cheat mod

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