Eternights Romance Options Guide

Eternights Romance Options

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

Eternights Romance Options Guide – All the characters you can romance, and the steps to progress with each of them

Eternights Romance Options – Romanceable Characters

It can lead to confusion, since you are probably wondering if you can have a romance with Chani. But no, there are only four characters with whom you can have a romance, and they are:

  • Yuna
  • Sia
  • Min
  • Yohan

And although the game allows you to flirt with characters like Lux or Aria, the most you can hope for is a flirtation, and nothing more.

Eternights Romance Options – How to Romance

When it comes to romance a character, there are two factors to take into account, dates and your statistics. And yes, you can get romances with all the characters in the game, although in the end you will have to choose only one. So our recommendation is to farm the romance options with all the characters and save the game.

Your Stats

Each of the 4 characters requires you to level up one of your stats in order to progress in the dates you can get with them. And that’s where Chani comes into play, since you can train with said character to improve your statistics. These are the statistics you must maximize in order to progress in your romance with each character

  • Yuna = Expression
  • Sia = Acceptance
  • Min = Confidence
  • Yohan = Courage

To improve each stat there are two ways:

  • Each dialogue option you choose will contribute points to a certain statistic
  • Train with Chani


During each day you have two options to spend time with a character, in the morning and at night. So spend time with them every time you level up a stat and you’ll advance your individual romance.

About the Game

Players can explore a post-apocalyptic world packed with danger, love, and adventure in the dating and action game Eternights.

Save the world while also finding love.

Somehow, mankind have been transformed into terrifying beasts. Power and violence are now their only interests. They are what stand in your way of getting the world you want and a cure. most crucially? More than just your own survival is at stake when you battle; you also fight for the people you cherish.
Locate Love

The approaching end of the world is a terrific topic for conversation! You have the option of spending your free time getting to know a group of five eccentric and endearing individuals when you’re not exploring dungeons.

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