Maglam Lord Romance Options

Maglam Lord Romance Options

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

Maglam Lord Romance Options – Characters’ traits, Dating system, Raising Affection levels and the benefits of Love

Maglam Lord Romance Options – Traits

These are the traits per character:

  • Charme: Kind, generous, thoughtful. Overly protective of her brother, Darius
  • Darius: Brave, capable, loves to cook and clean. Too defensive and often abrasive
  • Julette: Bubbly, outgoing, used to be an idol. Can be overbearing at times.
  • M.O.A.V.: Caring, courteous, curious. But also, a deadly robot-like weapon capable of destroying the world.
  • St. Ackalo: Popular, magical, and enigmatic. Perhaps too enigmatic.
  • Overseer Mamie: Industrious, hard-working, and driven. Not exactly bursting with romantic enthusiasm.

You must take into account the traits of each character whenever you have a conversation with any of them and have any romantic interes

Maglam Lord Romance Options – Dating System

Until you reach chapter 3 you will not be able to unlock the dating system. From then on, dating opportunities are achieved by adding hearts in the Dating Dojo.

Every date and every conversation counts. The answers are usually quite obvious, as they are marked with hearts. And every time you answer a response of hearts you will see how the affection rating of the character in question goes up

Raising Affection levels

Now, the way to raise the affection level could be summarized in three actions

  • Partnership: Using the prospective romantic interest in battles
  • Foodstuffs: Feed characters their preferred foods while exploring with them as your wielder
  • Repeats: Go on multiple dates with the same character

Of all the methods, dating is the easiest if you want to farm and don’t care about the amount of time you invest. But if you want quick results, nothing better than providing each character with their favorite food. You will see how quickly your relationship bar rises

Maglam Lord Romance Options – Benefits of Love

In addition to the fact that if you like the game you will have access to exclusive contents of romances, such as having children, and of course dialogues that you would not be able to access if you did not start a romantic relationship with each character, you have some benefits that will serve you during your games:

Your paramour’s stats are increased during battle: That is, you will be stronger in combat when you have invested more time in love.

You will receive help in crafting: You will be able to access more powerful weapons and armor, which will again be of great help in your fights

So don’t see the dating system as corny, if you want your character to be as strong as possible, a good dose of love won’t hurt.

Can you be Gay?

The quick answer: yes, but that’s mostly due to the fact that the gender of your Bladelord isn’t really acknowledged in the same way as gender is in games like Dragon Age: Inquisition or the Mass Effect series

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