Loverwatch Genji Romance, Answers & Rewards

Loverwatch Genji Romance

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

Loverwatch Genji Romance, Answers & Rewards – Quiz, Cupid, Cafe Azur and Nepal Date correct choices to unlock Genji’s rewards

An unofficial overwatch dating sim being made by a small team of game developers. overwatch & respective trademarks are owned by blizzard.

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Loverwatch Genji Romance, Answers & Rewards – How to Romance?

All the steps to unlock the romantic options and the quiz & answers with Genji

When you can choose Genji? when your eyes adjust in the Laff Attic

What do you need to do to unlock the quiz answers:

  1. Select love-struck
  2. Cupid Answers:
    1. I think so!
    2. Win the heart of Genji

Loverwatch Genji Romance, Answers & Rewards – Quiz Answers

The quiz is the first part of a series of answers that you must get right, although in some cases any option is valid

  • 1st Question & Answer: Yeesh. You’re being really judgmental for a vessel of love, or whatever
  • 2nd Question & Answer: I really like your outfit
  • 3rd Question & Answer: I love that game!
  • 4th Question & Answer: Okay, here I go!
  • 4th Question & Answer: making you laugh was the goal

Cafe Azur Answers

We reach the romantic date phase, where you will have to continue guessing answers or choices

  • If I owned a hoodie that cool, I’d wear it every chance I got.
  • I had lots of time for gaming
  • Genji’s Favorite Food
  • Is everything okay?
  • I’m so sorry, Genji
  • hold his hand
  • Anywhere that’s special to you is special to me
  • What’s in Nepal?

Nepal Date Answers

And finally the final phase, if you manage to complete it successfully you will be able to access the rewards

  • It was worth it here to be with you
  • giving him a fist bump
  • I’m not sure, but you can try
  • Accept Genji’s Love

Loverwatch Genji Romance, Answers & Rewards – Rewards

Go to the title screen now to claim your prize. You will receive Genji’s Peace icon, title, and spotlight intro in exchange for courting him. But, it can take up to 48 hours for these things to show up!

One day before Valentine’s Day, Loverwatch, Overwatch 2’s official (but non-canon) dating simulator, made its premiere. Players have the chance to advance their self-insert fanfiction and maladaptive daydreaming in this bizarre dating sim. And by that, I mean that Mercy or Genji are truly available for dating. And when Angela Ziegler is right there, who on earth would choose Genji? In Overwatch 2’s dating sim, Loverwatch, here’s how to approach Mercy.

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