Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions

Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions

Last Updated on 16 February, 2022

Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions – All valid icons descriptions: crops, fruit products, material, animals and miscellaneous

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Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions

This is the complete icons list of the game Farming Simulator 19, with the description of each icon, you can check what each icon means and based on it, know what you need to collect or produce.

What is the main point of Farming Simulator 19?

In the Game Farming Simulator 19, the game allows players to perform many of the same chores real farmers do. For example, you can prepare land for planting, harvest crops, fertilize fields, and raise livestock.

What is the goal of Farming Simulator?

The Farming Simulator saga is a list of video games, in which you must collect basic resources for human subsistence, it is based mainly on agricultural simulation; the saga is developed by Giants Software and they have several games, since they are developing the game and releasing new updates.

Most of the locations of the game are in the United States and Europe; so you can learn about other cultures or other landscapes.

The main objective in Farming Simulator 19 is to farm and collect all kinds of raw materials, such as:

  • raise livestock
  • grow crops
  • fruit products
  • various materials related to farming
  • sell assets created through farming

Tutorials & Money

Check this tutorial, some tips for beginners players and not only for beginners… could help you (thanks to Youtuber: Guides Gamepressure)

Merge Farms Method

Check this tutorial from TwoBrosGamingHD

As of last patch on xbox atleast, when you start in career after saving you get a message saying that all the farms (and money) have been merged and once saved it will become a single player only map. Alternatively, if you have atleast one person join you on multiplayer you can create new farms and have them transfer the money over and over for infinite money then up to 6 of you can all create you’re own farms and split the money to do whatever.

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