Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat FS22

Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat

Last Updated on 18 May, 2022

Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat – FS22 – Two cheats, the PC cheat (edit save game), all the platforms cheat, and the best mod with cheats

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Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat – PC & Mac

Money cheat requires editing a game file, your savegame. It seems complicated but as you will see it is very simple, like the FS19 Money Cheat

  1. Requires at least 1 Savegame: so start playing, save game, and completely exit the game
  2. Now find the FS22 savegame: This PC > Documents > My Games > FarmingSimulator2022
  3. Open the FS22 savegame’s folder of your choice
  4. Open the xml file “farms” with a text editor like notepad ++
  5. Find the Money entry (CTRL + F “money=”)
  6. Edit the money entry: if you want 1M “money = 1000000”
  7. Save and close the File
  8. Launch FS22 and load the savegame previously edited

Of course you can edit the savegame as many times as you want, and as many savegames as you want. So yes, money cheat means infinite money, something that will be very useful since it does not affect anything in the game (neither achievements nor content)

If you can’t find the save game, check the Save Game Location guide

Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat – All Platforms

If you are on pc, the previous method is easier and better. But you can try this alternative method if you want. But if you are on PlayStation 4, Project Scarlett, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or Google Stadia this is the only method that works in FS22 for you:

  1. Launch the game, save game, and completely exit the game
  2. Create a multiplayer game in FS22 and load up the previous save game
  3. Create as many farms as you can/want, again save game and completely exit the game
  4. Reload the FS22 save, but now in single player
  5. You should receive a message: the farms from the multiplayer game have been merged into a single farm, and yes, the value of each “multiplayer” farm should be added to your cash

Again you can repeat the previous steps as many times as you want. So yes, using this alternative method, the money cheat also means infinite money

FS22 best Mods

If you want to use mods, that is not because of the money cheat, but because other functions attract you and because you know that the mod you are going to install is reliable. We don’t like mods, but if you want to try one, the most popular right now is the Government Subsidy mod.

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