Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide

Fetish Locator Walkthrough guide

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Best choices to unlock all the scenes with all the available characters

Week 1

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 1

  • Get a closer look
  • Accept punishment
  • Yes to C play
  • About the movie!
  • Don’t go to see the movie with her
  • Change of plans! Let’s see a movie with AmRose
  • See C play results
  • Yes
  • Yes! I want to see how she is…
  • Tell her the K…research purposes
  • Should watch more
  • Take a picture of Chloe
  • Go to AmRose as you promised her to see a movie together
  • Don’t tell her about the party
  • Let’s watch a movie
  • C AmRose

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 2

  • Post your lips to find a P
  • Respond to a stranger on the app
  • Keep watching
  • Continue watching …
  • Agree to do a favor
  • Choice:
    • Go to the Cafe > Polly&Nora story path
    • Go meet & munch S / Ditch Polly to munch S > Munch Min’s Red Carpet > Enter looking at her face > She didn’t say I have to stop > Stay & Watch
  • Put a f in her A

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 3

  • Are you willing to help me with that?
  • Start M yourself
  • Yes, it is my fetish – OR – Not really, but I’d do it for points
  • Make a distraction and save Kevin and Chloe from being caught –
  • Take a picture of AmRose’s foot
  • I am curious
  • Understand Kevin’s Point of View
  • Agree – I want F Foot W OR Agree – I really need the points
  • Yes, Mistress
  • Yes, Mistress
  • um… Yes, Mistress
  • Submit
  • That could be kinda interesting.”
  • Choice:
    • Secret Santa > Lyssa Path > Offer to eat > Demand to see
    • Go Watch Min’s Event > Min Path > Challenge Min > Do Whatever It Takes
    • Go Watch Antony’s Event > Maria Path

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 4

  • Command Daisy (if available) OR Ask Daisy
  • Yes – I’m interested in that
  • Ask more about diet
  • What the boof happened here? (Romantic) OR Oh bother, it’s a drunken
  • (Polly&Nora path) Not right now, but maybe someday
  • Fing.. Her A

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 5

  • Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before
  • Put on a Show for Kevin
  • Yes to watersports
  • My turn to
  • Say that you will Co-sign
  • (Min Path) No problem > … Min’sFace
  • (if you didn’t reject Daisy) Let Daisy In > N*de
  • Let’s see what she will do if I take even longer
  • J O Shower

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 6

  • Yes, I want inside
  • Sure, why not?
  • Let her know
  • Warn Daisy
  • Make Maria into a
  • Send it to me
  • Warn Nora before
  • Walk Lyssa home
  • Yes – I want to spend time with Lyssa, and more than that
  • I don’t want to be friendzoned (Romance) OR I don’t want to be “nice” (Direct)

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 7

  • Flirt with Vanessa
  • Follow Vanessa
  • (Requires Amrose’s messages & Saved kevin) > Yes, I want to know > Try to get some
  • (Save) Meet Dahlia or Daisy (you’ll lock the other path)
  • (Lyssa path)I love everything about that idea > Slap again
  • Sure, it could be fun to try something new > your choice
  • Make AmRose your secret girlfriend OR Make AmRose your personal S
  • Scene: Spank for points

Week 2

Day 8

  • Let Stacy bathe with you
  • Fine
  • I have a big surprise for you > It is your turn now
  • (Lyssa Path) We will see about that after you > Give her some
  • (Polly&Nora path) Well, I guess I would be a dad

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