Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Version 1.5.2

Girl House Walkthrough guide

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the scenes with all the characters: Mia, Vanessa, Vicky, Lola and more

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Items

During the walkthrough we will tell you to use some items:

  • Knife: Kitchen – Right side, when Vanessa is not there
  • Screwdriver: Hospital – Top drawer, when you are escaping
  • Laptop: Living Room – Drawer
  • Laptop Battery: Basement – Shelves
  • Smartphone: Hall – Under the table, after the fight
  • Mask: Your room – In the button of the right drawer
  • Feather: Vanessa’s room – left side of her bed
  • Erotic Book: Vanessa’s room – drawer to the right of her room
  • Red Dress: Shop
  • Rat Killer Spray: Shop
  • Glue: Shop
  • Snooper: Shop
  • Surveillance system: Shop
  • Snooper Upgrade: Shop

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – The Escape

  • You have big…
  • Of Course
  • I remember something
  • I don’t remember
  • Go forward & Turn right
  • Use the cabinet > Top drawer > Get the Screwdriver > Bottom drawer > Clothes
  • Go back & turn left > To the window
  • Open backpack & use screwdriver on window, then leave (through the window)
  • Click on decolletage
  • Go with this woman
  • It’s alright, i¡ll manage
  • Click on her left B
  • Don’t touch (if you want the bad end > Touch > let’s have)
  • Click on her left B
  • Turn left > Look picture > Turn right > look your P > ask about the photo
  • And where is he now
  • No, i lost my memory earlier > I escaped from a hospital
  • Leave the room
  • I Had strange dreams
  • Click on decolletage
  • It’s alright, i’ll manage
  • (stairs) Click on her right B
  • Click on her left B

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Free Roam

Buy the Surveillance system to know where each girl is

Mia’s room

  • Check her out
    • Talk with her
  • You are pretty (just once)
  • From know you can increase Mia’s love by waiting 1 day and asking her to show you her T, you will need money for that

Vicky’s room

  • Look at her
  • Wanted to get to know you closer
  • You are pretty (just once)

Lola’s room

  • Look at her
  • Talk with her
  • Wanted to get to know you closer
  • You are pretty (just twice)
  • I can help you with your homework > solve all the math questions
  • Get under the table > I droped a coin
  • Repeat las 2 steps to increase her love

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Stranger beater

Help & Win the fight

If it’s your first time save before the fight, we won using always the same combo: Apperkot (left) + Block (middle)

Get the Smartphone, below the table of the hall

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Vanessa Quests

Chatting with Vanessa

  • Living room > get the laptop (cabinet)
  • Kitchen: Check out vanessa & click on her right T
  • Talk with her: I found it laying in the lobby
  • Why are you helping me
  • You are pretty (only once)
  • Rub my foot please
  • Who was that shady guy

Help From Vanessa

  • Your room at 20:00
  • Click on her left B, then on the right B
  • Move her hand > My D hurts > after the scene click on right B, then left B

Vanessa for shower

Must be lucky for this scene, if you don’t unlock it try to progress with Vanessa

  • Take a shower
  • Cover your D
  • Look at her C

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Peeping on the girls

Bathroom: Use the Surveillance system, go to the bathroom when a girl is inside, but DON’T Skip, because you have to leave before the timer runs out or you will loose love points

Bedroom: Use the upgrader snooper to spy on girls bedrooms

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Informants Money

  • When you gather $1000 go and talk with Vanessa

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Doctor Incoming

Requires: Smartphone, and watched Vanessa and Mia talking on the first floor
after you watched Mia talking on the phone

Doctor Part I

  • Go to the Main Hall between 9:00 & 18:00

Doctor Part II

  • Fill the power bar
  • Smartphone > SMS > Send SMS to the doctor > I’m ready > read her reply
  • Next day > Hall between 9:00 & 18:00
  • Show your B
  • Follow Me
  • Basement
  • Show your B
  • S… my D
  • Knees
  • Remove my P
  • S… my D
  • Deeper & Inside
  • Follor her instructions and enjoy
  • I remember the moment of the accident

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – New Dress

Requires: Mia L*st = 2

  • Buy the Red dress from the shop ($450)
  • Backpack > Red Dress > Give it to Mia

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Working or nor Working

Working Part I

  • Mia’s room > ask her to show > Pay
  • Next day scene in her room
  • See her talking with vanessa
  • Mia’s room > You alright?
  • Vanessa’s room > camsite card (3rd drawer)
  • Mia’s room > I have an idea > Get the mask from your room’s cabinet (4th drawer > bottom)
  • Mia’s room > BackPack > Mask > click on Mia
  • Living Room > Laptop (cabinet)

Working Part II

  • Basement to get the laptop battery (buy the rat killer spray and ask for the key when vanessa is at the kitchen, then kill the rats of the basement and take the battery) and Drag the battery on the laptop in your inventory
  • Kitchen (Vanessa) > I found a Laptop, can i use it
  • Try to use it, try some passwords
  • Do you know husband’s laptop password
  • try something else
  • I can0t figure the pass code
  • Try her name, password = Vanessa
  • Mia’s room > i found a laptop > 50% > That wasn’t part of.. > I’m your tech support…> Earning money in a P chat

Working Part III

  • Mia’s room > Let’s get to work > Ok > Take out the C > Withdraw balance > do it on chat
  • My C > You spied on some guys… > What do you mean different
  • Are you serious
  • I Need help
  • Pet it
  • It only gets more…
  • Yes, completely normal
  • Next morning > Kitchen > Breakfast Vanessa talks with Mia
  • Mia’s room > you alright > of course > But you are not > got it

Working Part IV

Requires: Creating a S*** part I completed

  • Mia’s room > I got the photo > I couldn’t think of anything better
  • Mia’s room > Let’s get to work

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Creating a S***

Creating Part I

Requires: Working Part III completed

  • Vanessa’s room > Feather (to the right of the pillow)
  • Night > Lola’s room > touch icon > Feather (inventory) > Her feet > then her waist > Phone > Camera > Take a Picture

Creating Part II

Requires: Help from Vanessa, Vanessa for shower, Peeping on the girls,
Informant’s money, Doctor incoming, New dress quests

  • Lola’s room > I know what you did
  • Buy Snooper & Snooper upgrade > drag the upgrade on the snooper
  • Lola’s room (19:30 to 20:00) > check on her
  • Vanessa’s room > Take the erotic book
  • Lola’s room > What are you reading
  • Lola’s room (she is not there) > forward > take the book (Time Mashine)
  • Inventory > Drag Knife on Time Mashine > Drag Glue on Time Mashine > Drag Glue Cover on Erotic Book > Put Back the Book
  • Lola’s room 20:00 (closed) > Use the upgraded snooper on the door > Use the camera
  • Next day > Lola’s Room > Now you can’t deny it > Take a picture > Give it to Mia

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Next Quests

From now, you can use the ? Symbol to find out what to do next, but here some tips:

    • Vicky: Use sunscreen at 13:00 pool until you unlock Teach her a Lesson. Then Drag Super Glue on Sunscreen, use it on her again and enjoy the scene
  • Lola: When she is not in her room draw a P on her homework
  • Mia: Keep progressing with her cam shows
  • Vanessa: Visit her room every evening, and also progress with the lawyer to unlock more scenes
  • Neighbor > Visit her (right of the pool) to unlock some scenes

Version 1.2.0 Extra

  • Go to the pool at noon and talk with the girls > Find the swinsuit in your room (left drawer 3rd shelve from top) > go back to the pool
  • Read the sms > open the map > go to the doctor
  • Back home, talk to everybody and go to sleep
  • Read SMS (doctor) > Open the map and visit her > Once the scene is finished, visit her again and click on the clothes > undress > you can skip the minigame or try to complete it
  • Join Mia when she is working and choose the show

Version 1.3.0 Extra

  • Meet Mia in her bedroom and choose Let Have S
  • Go to sleep and choose the last one
  • Mobile > SMS > Doctor > Mobile > Map > Visit the doctor
  • Get 6 S*x Power and visit the doctor again
  • Visit the doctor again, click on the robe and enjoy
  • Go to lolas room and take a picture during the scene
  • Give the photo to Mia
  • Morning > Kitchen > Vanessa > Use the hand symbol
  • Visit Mia > Lets have S

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Version 1.4.0 Extra

  • Scene with Vanessa at pool 2:00 pm
  • After the previous scene go to vicky’s

Girl House Walkthrough & Guide – Version 1.5.2 Extra

  • Mia Morning (9:00-12:00) Talk to her (don’t join the show), give her money if she doesn’t have at least x1 heart
  • Map > Photostudio > Photo Session
  • House: Talk with all the girls
  • Go to Sleep until you unlock a new dream
  • Map > Photostudio
  • Sleep
  • Bella’s message > Map > Photostudio > Photo Session
  • Store > Buy new movie > watch it
  • Talk to Mia > let’s go to Photostudio
  • Lawyer’s message > Map > Cafe
  • Uncle’s Fight: Click always Cross and very fast, you will lose several fights, but you will end up winning

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  1. hello I can’t unlock the stage with mia
    Meet Mia in her room and choose Let Have S
    his answer is you are not my type
    Go to sleep and choose the last one
    I don’t have that choice
    can you help me

    • Not sure, have you done all the previous steps? If yes, try to increase her hearts helping her with her shows and try again. Because it is the first step of the 1.3 update

  2. Thanks for the walkthrough.
    Question. What do I have to do to see the scene where Mia runs into Vanessa’s room while Vanessa has a webcam show.

  3. i almost finished the update but still cnt unlock 2 of the scens in gallery! one w mia in shower and the one w vanessa posing on her cars hood! what did i miss?

    • I also missed the shower scene, I should have gotten in the shower earlier before there was any further progress with Mia.
      The scene with the hood comes directly when you leave the hospital and are hit by Vanessa. You have to click with the mouse on Vanessa’s décolleté during the conversation.

    • I think you have to progress the story where after you use the peeper and confront mia and she says you still cant prove that she masturbates, it will then appear in the shop

  4. When I click on the question mark, it says that I should visit the Photo studio. But when I click on the map, there is only one place to go – the Girl House. What is wrong?

  5. I go visit the neighbour but when she returns naked the game drops out as an error message comes up saying a picture is not available.

  6. I don’t get the sms to visit the doctor…how does it trigger? (have done everything up to photoshoot but cant leave the house)

  7. Just adding this if anybody as dumb as me comes to this places looking into the same issue that took me 10 minutes and a lot of reloads to figure out.

    The bedrooms became unlocked after 11 p.m. so you meed to enter Lola’s bedroom after that time for the first bj picture

  8. I’m not sure if too dumb but I can ask Mia to go to the photo shoot after completing the x3 with Lola, I sleep, and talk to her the next day but the options is not shown.

    • Ok I was actually dumb. I added a walkthrough mod but looks like it was from a previous version and was missing some parts of the script.

      I literally decompiled the game, read the scripts, used save editors that allows to see the options, etc. and in the end I wasn’t able to find the option to go through that. So I replaced the files with a clean copy an voila, the option appeared.

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