Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough & Guide

Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 November, 2020

Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the available scenes with Sam (younger), Megan and also Olivia

Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 1

  • Avoid Megan and sneak out
  • Go back and climb out > Forward > Left > Forward > Left
  • It’s not Sam, It’s you
  • Don’t button her shirt
  • Apologize
  • DONT ask for a
  • Keep your pants on
  • Kiss Me
  • Tell Her about entering the warehouse
  • Wash the cup properly or not
  • From the beginning
  • Yes, I’ll stay
  • Run at it
  • Quickly look at her T
  • Cheekily agree
  • Continue her little game
  • Hug her
  • Kiss Her
  • I’ll Join you

Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 2

  • Mention the shower incident with Sam
  • Focus on her needs
  • I bet you have a cute C face Megan
  • Put yout hand on her head
  • Play dumb

Kindread The Redburns Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 3

  • Stall for time
  • Help Them
  • Look Closer
  • Give her some more food and your spare knife
  • Accept the offer
  • Offer to put on underwear
  • Ask about her flashing her T (to get an scene but you’ll lose a point, if you don’t want to lose points > Try to find out how she feels about you)
  • Go find them
  • Ask about Sam
  • SAVE & Choose your Megan’s path:
    • Romance Megan path: It will be OK Megan. We’ll be OK
    • Domination Megan path: Aren’t you going to finish what you started?

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

  • Help her >Stay where you are OR Don’t help
  • (Domination Megan path) Apologize about pushing
  • (Romance Megan path) Kiss Her
  • (Domination Megan path) Feel her T
  • Take of your gloves OR Not
  • On her T
  • Lick
  • Spit
  • That’ll never apply to you, no matter how…
  • And I love you
  • (Domination Megan path) Kiss Her
  • I Could Pee
  • Go in there
  • SAVE & Choose your path
    • Sam & Olivia: Grab Sam
    • Sam vs Olivia: Reason with the girl
  • (Requires Sam & Olivia path) Help her
  • (Requires Sam vs Olivia path) Drag Sam to safety

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

  • Kiss Her
  • I like them OR i’m not a fan
  • I’m glad she is here (Romance path with Olivia) OR I just wish she wasn’t here (Domination path with Olivia)
  • (VS Sam vs Olivia path) Let her continue
  • (Domination Olivia path + VS) Yes, Yes it is
  • (VS Sam vs Olivia path) Apologize for the B
  • (& Sam & Olivia path) I mean she’s not wrong
  • (& Sam & Olivia path) Don’t involve Olivia > I’m C Olivia
  • Slowly Push her head
  • Your choice
  • Touch her feet or not
  • SAVE and choose your Olivia’s path
    • Romance Olivia’s path: Kiss Her
    • Domination Olivia’s path: Cares her B
    • DON’t choose reassure her

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