Foamstars Drops Its Latest Update: Patch v3.1

Foamstars update v3.1

Last Updated on 14 April, 2024

Square Enix’s Foamstars just dropped it’s biggest update for its fans. The new update contains tons of ground to cover including a new Foamstar, ranked party updates as well as bug fixes. Let’s check out all the updates!

Foamstars Patch v3.1

Chloe Noir

Chloe Noir is the newest character in the game that is up for grabs. She can hunt down opponents with her crazy sidekick and is all about making precise shots with her charge rifle. By advancing the battle pass to tier 31, all players can unlock her for free; however, those who have the premium pass will have access right away.

Check out the official website for more details on Chloe Noir.

Additional Skill Gems

  • A slot for Forth Bubble Game has been added.
  • Each Foamstar now has special skill gems added to enhance both their superstar and everyday abilities.

Player Level

  • Player level cap increased to 250.
  • A new challenge with a 25 Energy Stone reward has been added. After gaining every fifth level, there is a challenge.

Ranked Party Updates

Based on comments, the following modifications were made:

  • Reduced the amount of time and points needed to initiate Rank-Up Challenges.
  • Rank-Up challenges now demand 0 RP.
  • The RP gained at your next rank will be added to your current RP if you rank up without participating in a Rank-Up Challenge.

Shop Updates

  • Premium Pass: The shop now offers MYSTERIOUS SWING.
  • You can use the new emote “Home Run (Slide-kick)” as a slide-kick.
  • The section for limited products now includes one free item every week.
  • Faster item image loading times.

Character Adjustments

The following adjustments were made to the character balance:


  • To convey shot power, shooting SFX, controller vibration, and hit effect were adjusted.


  • Bubble Step: 25% longer cooldown for Soa skills.

Bug Fixes


Resolved a bug wherein the application would occasionally freeze or crash.


Fixed a bug where Ramzey would fall through the ground when doing the “Foam up your opponent” phase.

Rave Breaker


The Party’s Over Resolved issue in which damage values from Foamstar Mission (PVE) were inadvertently applied to PVP battles.

Jet Justice

Skill: Jet Vacuum Sphere

Resolved a bug where damage values from Foamstar Mission (PVE) were inadvertently used in PVP battles.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • A secret Foamstar mission has been added.
  • More challenges now available in the game with plenty of rewards.
  • Players now have access to more default titles.
  • Certain combination of titles are no longer accessible.
  • Get a glimpse into the daily lives of Baristador and Mel T thanks to new illustrations that have been added to the game.
  • A new battle background music “Clean Getaway”. This is the theme song of the Mysterious Swing season.
  • To enable you to enter the next Battle more quickly, you now return to the Rules select page after a Battle rather than the Lounge.

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