Fractured Minds Password

Fractured Minds Password

Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Fractured Minds Password – Are you stuck and you need the password or code to complete Chapter 5 – Sinking, complete it with our help

If you need help with the rest of the chapters, check our full walkthrough

Password – Code

If you just need the number: The Code or Password is 0834

Fractured Minds Password – How to find it?

In Chapter 5 – Sinking, you need to get the Password to the keypad to go through the backdoor

To get the password or code, you need to find the to batteries first:

  • 1st battery: in the TV stand
  • 2nd battery: kitchen

Take both, place them in the remote and change the channel on the TV, you will see the code (0834)

Fractured Minds Password – Where to use it?

Now you have to get to the back door and enter the code in the keypad

Of course there are a lot of red lights to avoid, but if you need help with that, better check this video

Video Guide

Here you can check how to find the passwod and how to complete Chapter 5 – Sinking, is a 5 min video where you will see how to complete the chapter from the beginning

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