Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code – Office

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code

Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code – Office – The locations, how to open each door, and what you will find after open them all

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code – Office Locations

There are 3 locked keypad doors in the office, but first of all, do you know where the office is?

Office Location: If not, find the button in the main menu labeled Office, click on it and you will spawn in the office

1st Locked Door Location: Foyer (Hub Room) > Walk out the fitst doorway > Right

2nd Locked Door Location: Locker Room – To your left there is a room with 2 large and movable metal cabinets, move them and you will find the door

3rd Locked door Location: After completing the first locked door enter in the new room and there you will find the third one

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code – Codes

The bad news is that there are no codes, because each code is different & random in each gameplay, but the good news is that codes are super easy to find out. You have to enter a 4 digits combination, and if you enter a correct digit at the correct position, the display flashes, so this is the method we suggest you:

Let’s say the code is 3826, but of course you don’t know it, so input these codes:

  • 1111: No digit will flash
  • 2222: The 3rd digit will flash, you now know the code is xx2x
  • 3333: The 1st digit will flash, you now know the code is 3x2x
  • 4444: No digit will flash
  • 5555: No digit will flash
  • 6666: The 4th digit will flash, you now know the code is 3×26
  • 7777: No digit will flash
  • 8888: The 2nd digit will flash, you now know the code is 3826 and you can open the door

With this method, in no more than 2 minutes you will open the 1st and the 2nd door. The 3rd door has a 17 digit code, but it won’t take you more than 5 minutes using the previous method if you note the flashed digits somewhere.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Code – Rewards

Every locked door lead to new rooms, and there are items that you will only find there, so lets see what can you find:

  • 1st Locked Door: Slosh-O-Matic Bucket dispenser, a What A Load Bin dispenser, a trapdoor used for item-disposal, and many crates, barrels, and trash. This door also gives access to the 3rd door
  • 2nd Locked Door: Bob’s “collection”, but there also are new paths unlocked inside. There is a tunnel, to the leff, if you have the red keycard, open the door and find  a shotgun and a green breast plate along with another one of Bob’s notes
  • 3rd Locked Door: a toilet and remains of other janitors, but you can also find a note from Bob there

Video Guide

If you want some help unlocking the codes, check this video guide, by Epic Endgame

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