Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on 14 September, 2022

Welcome to the Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks. The best Tips, strategy, and tricks in general for one of the best Battle Royale for Android and iOS phones.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Team and Connection

Let’s start with the basic. If you want to kill other players when you are playing with a bad team, definitely you will be at a disadvantage no matter how good you are. So, try to analyze how your mobile performs. For example, if you have lag or if your phone does not have the speed it should when there are many players playing at the same time or if you are playing 1 vs 1. If this is the case, try to play on the PC. Both FPS, fluency and even the connection should go much better. And simply with this change, once you get used to it and once you configure the controls well, you’ll have the chance to kill a lot more.

We leave you a couple of links:

  • Here you can download the APK.
  • And here play on the PC. Basically, you have to download the APK, install it in an emulator and configure the controls. You can also check the How to Play on PC guide and the Mod Menu Apk

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Headphones and Sound

Regardless of whether you play on PC or mobile, in a Battle Royale or in any competitive shooter, you definitely need a clear sound.

First of all, it will be much easier to ambush or avoid being ambushed simply by listening to the steps or movements of your rivals. And secondly, you will be aware of your own noise, preventing all your rivals from knowing where you are. So no matter what you play and what you play with, put on some headphones. And if possible, make sure that they are of good quality.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Landing

Here it is important to arrive quickly at your destination and equip yourself before others, to survive from the first moment. In general, you have two options, go to the areas with more resources, which are also crowded; or go to quieter areas, but it will cost you more effort to equip yourself.

Our advice is that you go to crowded areas and look for buildings. There will be more people and you may die fast the first few times, but if you want to progress, this is how you learn. Otherwise, if you avoid the confrontations at the beginning you will live more. However, sooner or later you will have to face someone, and probably this person will be much better armed than you.

So at the time of landing, here a couple of tips:

  • Fall vertically: You will reach your destination faster. It is not that you are going to have a great advantage, almost everyone already knows it, but at least you will not be the last to fall.
  • Learn the map: Take advantage of the flight time to memorize the entire map of the area in which you are about to fall. Plan your route and recognize the points where you can find people or where they will come from for you.
  • Run: Since you touch the ground think that you are in a time trial in which you must be the first to get weapons and team. It is your only objective.

Finally, we explain which are the best places to land depending on how you play.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Equip yourself

Keep in mind two things. What you need in the first place is a weapon, even if it is not your ideal one. And in the second place, everything you pick up it could be a less resource for your rivals.

A very useful object that you should look for as soon as you can is the backpack, it will allow you to collect more resources.

Try to learn to play with basic machine guns. It is the easiest weapon to find, and although a sniper or ak are great, you can’t count on the fact that you will get one.

Do not despise the rest of the objects, the cures will come in handy, and you will always need ammunition. Just try to get the collect the ammunition you know you will be able to use.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Weapons

Although we have recommended you to learn to use basic machine guns, a sniper or a shotgun are really good at what they do. If your goal is more long distance, get a Sniper, but keep in mind that using them for short distances could be a suicide. In the same way, a shotgun will come great when you enter buildings. However, when you leave them, you should have something more appropriate for intermediate distances.

Here you can see a summary of the statistics of all weapons

Move up to heroic

Heroic is the highest qualifying rank, reserved for the best. Although anyone who proposes it can reach it. All it requires are hours of practice. Here it is no longer important to win or the kills. The only thing that matters is to win points in each game and not lose them. Here you can check out our tutorial to go up heroic.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Settings

If you have already gone through the game settings, you will have seen that you can configure the sound, the graphics, and the sensitivities. However, here you can see all our recommendations on settings.

You can also check the best Configuration or the best Settings guide


Each character in the game has certain unique advantages that will improve as they rise in level:

  • Kelly: his ability to survive is running speed, which can increase up to 5%.
  • Andrew: his ability to survive is the length of his vest, which can increase by up to 10%.
  • Olivia: her survival ability is focused on giving HP which helps to revive, which can increase up to 30 HP.
  • Ford: his survival ability is focused on less damage outside the safe zone, which can be reduced by up to 20%.

Here you can see in detail how to improve skills by levels, in the characters guide.

Free Fire Guide Tips & Tricks – Diamonds

Do not be fooled by the hacks or the apps with which you earn money to then exchange for diamonds. There are only two options, or you pay for them, or you get gift codes. If you want, visit the diamond tutorial and we will explain how can you do it.

You can also check the Free Diamonds guide or the Codes list

How to fix some errors…?

In case you want to know how to solve the most common errors of the game, such as lag, connection failures or for example, when the game takes you out, you can visit our troubleshooting guide.

We hope that our Free Fire Battlegrounds tricks have been useful to you!

You can also check the Problems & Issues Guide

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