Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Last Updated on 14 September, 2022

We explain to you how to get Diamonds in Free Fire, and we review all the free methods that exist so that you do not fall into the error of trusting certain websites and youtubers.

Everybody wants to get Diamonds in Free Fire, and we explain everything you need for.

Get Diamonds in Free Fire – What are they for?

Diamonds are the premium currency of Garena Free Fire. They are used for buy at the store, activate the elite pass, turn on Royale Diamonds, buy characters, update them, or also unlock their skills.

So, we show you how to get diamonds. However, if it is of your interest, you can see all the Free Fire tricks.

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Get Diamonds in Free Fire – How to get them?

You have several ways, although the easiest is to pay for them:

Buy them

Buy or activate the Diamond Card so you are going to be able to collect diamonds daily. Obviously, the Diamond Card has a cost, but it is the easiest method.


They are not very common, usually, expire quickly, and they generally work for certain geographical areas. But of course if you find them, they are great and it’s the most realistic way to get free diamonds. In case you want one that works from the date of publication of this article: JXRPL611BZVU87XP.

Recommendable: Although it is difficult to find them and make them work.

Apps to earn money

We do not recommend them at all, if they really pay, they take a lot of time for it. For example, there is one that for each action they give you 20 coins, but you can not exchange them for money until you get 500,000 coins. And there are others that seem to pay well when you download a game, but then, they ask you to reach level X, for which you usually need at least a week. In addition to that, you must always install apps on your computer of dubious reputation.

Not recommended: You will lose a lot of time and it is unlikely that you will get paid.


If the applications are not recommended, the hacks much less. In the own page of FF Garena, they inform you that the punishment of using third party programs are: Lock your account and lock your device in a permanent way. So if you like Free Fire, take this into account.

Not recommended: You take the risk of they block your account and also your device.

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    • I need a diamond…and dj alok..but I can’t buy them…I HV not more money for buying.. diamond and dj alok

  1. I am free fire old player and please give me 2900 diamonds in my free fire

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