Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats

Last Updated on 15 September, 2023

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats – Learn how to open the cheat menu and the effect of every available cheat function, also learn how to edit the values of the files

How to open the cheat menu?

Cheats are enabled by default, so you don’t have to enable anything, you just need to open the menu:

Just press the key END of the keyboard. But if the NUM LOCK is on, then press SHIFT+END.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats – Full List

These are all the cheats, some are quite obvious, but we explain the ones that are not so obvious:

  • Invincible: You can’t be killed
  • Full Ammo: +999 to the clip of the equiped weapons
  • Kill All Enemies:
  • All Enemies Flee: Forces enemies to flee
  • Suicide: Kills you
  • Add All Items: Equips you will all items, armors and also weapons
  • Add 1000000 Zolties: +1M Zolties
  • Get All Clothes:
  • Add 10000 Exp: +10k Exp for you and also alll the party members
  • Get All Weapons:
  • Reveal Enemy:
  • Reset Location: places you in a friendly city (random)
  • Add All Soldiers: +1 soldier of every unit to your party
  • Add Wood and Iron:
  • Acquire All Cities: All world map cities
  • Add all Companions: on the companion tab and also the party tab
  • Acquire Nearby City: The nearest city
  • Full Attribute: Max Stats, Attributes, Skills & Weapons
  • Neutrality: We do not know what it is for
  • Enable Fast Forward: We do not know what it is for

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Cheats – Edit File

You can also manually edit some files, these are the steps:

  1. Go to C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\LocalLow\KK Game Studio\Freeman Guerrilla Warfare\OrdinaryCache\PlayerName##################
  2. Find the MapAgent File
  3. Edit the values as you want, as you can see there are lines where you can edit the values, like “credits” or “armorPoint”

But if you have doubts, do not complicate yourself and use the cheats above that you have everything

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