Trials in Tainted Space Cheats – Full List (2023)

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats – Full List – How to use cheats, the cheat codes, some useful explots and some developers exclusive codes

How to use cheat codes?

Input the codes in on the codex console, under options. Some codes can’t be activated via console, use the main Codex screen instead.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats – Cheat Codes

Full List of cheat codes:

  • bimbo: Forces the Treatment to use the Female effects.
  • bull: Forces the Treatment to use the Male effects.
  • amazon: Forces the Treatment to use the Amazon effects.
  • cumcow: Forces the Treatment to use the cumcow effects.
  • fauxcow: Forces the Treatment to use the fauxcow effects.
  • treatment: Forces the Treatment to use the default effects (only if you have used one of the previous cheats)
  • motherlode: + Xp to level up
  • 88mph: Skips time
  • urta: Intinite item use (for consumable items)
  • poison: Changes girl scenes
  • tistheseason: Menu with list of special holidays
  • marcopolo: To unlock all planets
  • laplove: Reverts the game to its previous inclusion of the Lapinara Parasitic Female and Prophylactic (Lapinara)
  • beshineforever: To open the Doctor Badger cheat menu (Doctor Badger, Nim-Foe & Doll maker)
  • insaneinthemembrane: Changes Bess’ name to Runa.
  • mitzi: to instantly rescue Mitzi
  • backinbizzness: Resets Bizzy’s interactions to before the player received her first e-mail
  • doll: to teleport to the start of the Kiro Quest Dungeon
  • kqvrgoodness: Adds 5 virtual reality programs to the PC’s inventory from or related to Kiro Quest
  • healthdelivery: Summons Bianca if possible
  • anofferyoucantrefuse: Skip to a certain part of Akane’s first quest.
  • clowncar: Allows ship flight with any amount of crew members
  • anotherbrickinthewall: +100k Credits (use it as many times as you want)
  • UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT (with arrows): +5x Zil Ration
  • party: Starts or resets the Zaibatsu party
  • wargiiandbess: Resets the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest progress, along with any progress in Eitan’s relationship
  • nastiness: Resets the Nastizia event chain to Pre-invite.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats – Developer Codes

Codes only for developers:

  • impulse: Impulse Menu
  • idclev: idclev menu for teleportation by room ID
  • f**kyou: Toggles debug mode.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats – Exploits

These exploits are as useful as the cheats

  • Credits & XP: Defeat Dr Lash in combat  stacking resistance to the burning element to or above 100%, while raising electric resistance as high as possible to minimize his damage output, so you can repeat the fight as many times as you want
  • Syri’s infinite intelligence: Hold the 1 button during Syri’s morning menu. If you combine with ClearYu you will also get Reflex, Aim and more
  • Money: Save, bet the entire wallet in the Treasure Nova Casino (Zheng Shi) and Load from the save if you lose

Other codes & console commands guides

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