Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 June, 2022

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough – Unlock both endings (Happy & Normal Ending) and complete all the chapters of Shinpachi Nagakura’s route

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough – Happy Ending


  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Decided to tell them why I’d come to Kyoto
  • Search the compound.
  • No, I can’t
  • Quietly return to my room.
  • Join them on their rounds.
  • No, I’m not.


  • Leave and search for my father.
  • Scope things out.
  • Need to take care of Nagakura.
  • No, show me your hand right now
  • … want to come.
  • To Mount Ten’nou.
  • Fight as well.
  • I’m not sure I agree
  • Left him alone


  • Return to my room.
  • Go back to my room.
  • Am glad he’s alive, though
  • Stay.
  • Didn’t move.
  • Tell him to watch out.
  • Yes, please.
  • It’s not any of my business.
  • Their interest in me.
  • We shouldn’t
  • Sen
  • … think I understand what you mean


  • The soldiers.
  • Someone close to the people who were leaving.
  • I don’t think so
  • Yes
  • Stay in my room.
  • Run away from the room.
  • Call for help.
  • Please don’t push yourself
  • Can I be one too?
  • Still wanted to help.
  • I’ll do anything.
  • Run after Nagakura
  • I’ll stay here


  • Okay, I understand
  • Do you have to go?
  • It’s not over yet

Normal Ending

Tragic Love end: Chapter 5 > Romance Low

  • You’ll come back, right?
  • Save 1
  • It’s not over yet
  • Bad End
  • Load Save 1
  • That’s unfortunate

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