Hardspace Shipbreaker Achievements Guide

Hardspace Shipbreaker Achievements

Last Updated on 29 May, 2022

Hardspace Shipbreaker Achievements Guide – All the Acchievements and how to unlock them – With locations, tips and more

Hardspace Shipbreaker Achievements – Full List

These are all the Achievements and how to unlock them:

  • No Niños: Complete the Tutorial
  • Act I Complete: Complete Act I of the campaign
  • Act II Complete: Complete Act II of the campaign
  • The Weight of the World: Complete all Salvage Goals on a Atlas Class Ship
  • Act III Complete: Complete Act III of the campaign
  • Always Finding Your Mark: Complete all Salvage Goals on a Javelin Class Ship
  • Gecko Go(al) Getter: Complete all Salvage Goals on a Gecko Class Ship
  • Captured Killer of Caerbannog: Collect a Bunny stuffed-animal
  • A Tucked Tale: Finding the Hidden Data Drive
  • Bing Bang BOOM: Unlock Demo Charges

Most of the achievements do not require much explanation, but the last three, although they are not very difficult, may require some help, so we are going to leave you with some mini guides for each one of them

Captured Killer of Caerbannog Achievement guide

Collect a Bunny stuffed-animal: As you are going through the ships to break up you will find items that you can collect such as Oxygen Tanks, Thruster Fuel, Posters, and a cute stuffed bunny

A Tucked Tale Achievement guide

Finding the Hidden Data Drive: When you leave to start your shift, go around to the back and it is taped onto the hull

Tip: Use the scanner (T) Default and it stood out plain as day on the rear bottom of the hab unit.

Bing Bang BOOM Achievement guide

Unlock Demo Charges: When you get to Rank 11 you have the ability unlocked to purchase the use of demolition charges

Other Trophy & Achievements Guides

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