Hello Neighbor 2 Model Houses Location & Guide – Safe & Museum Blue Key

Hello Neighbor 2 Model Houses Location

Last Updated on 7 December, 2022

Hello Neighbor 2 Model Houses Location & Guide – Yellow, Blue and Red houses, open the Safe and get the Museum Blue Key

If you open the door on the right, as soon as you enter the museum, you will see a map, which is missing three model houses. So if you want to start the puzzle, keep reading and we’ll explain where to find everything you need

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Hello Neighbor 2 Model Houses Location – Each House location

There are x3 Model houses to find: Yellow, Blue and Red

Red Model House Location

This is the easiest, it’s on the right of the map, so you just have to take it and put your first model house on the map

Blue Model House Location

From the map, go to the exit door, and you will see it inside a display case. The only way to get it is to break the glass (the easiest is with the crowbar), and whenever you do, the noise will put you in trouble. So simply choose the moment, that the neighbor is not around, be quick and get out of there running. We recommend that before launching into the blue model house you have studied your escape route

Yellow Model House Location

It is very close to the Blue Model House and is easy to identify, as a spider web covers the glass of the exhibitor. Cut the spider web with the scissors (there are some on the display case beside it), break the glass again with the crowbar and run away before the neighbor catches you

Last Step: Place each house in its place, after placing the last one the museum safe will open, and from inside you can take the Blue Museum Key,With which you can open the door that is just behind

Hello Neighbor 2 Model Houses Location – Video Guide

In case you have any questions, we leave you this video guide from The Gaming World. It is a bit long as it is a complete walkthrough of the museum, but the model houses are at the beginning, so you only need to review the guide from the beginning and up to minute 2

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