Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors Location & Guide

Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors

Last Updated on 7 December, 2022

Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors Location & Guide – You need this item to complete almost all puzzles, so let’s go for it.

You’ll need the scissors for almost every puzzle, so here’s how to get them

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Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors Location & Guide – Steps

They are obtained after solving a relatively simple puzzle in the Treehouse of the greenhouse, we explain how to do it.

In case you want to try to solve it on your own, and you just need a clue: Something is wrong with the Treehouse Robot. If you want to continue reading, we will explain it to you in detail, but obviously you will find spoilers:

  1. Reach the greenhouse’s roof: Jump on the trampoline in his backyard until you are able to reach the roof
  2. Enter the Treehouse: Once on the roof use the branch to reach
  3. Robot’s arm: Inside the Treehouse, interact with the robot painting until it moves, now interact with the statue until it has a shield and a sword, as it appears in the painting
  4. Get the scissors: You need one last step, Attach the switch to the remote control so that a train appears, which carries the scissors

We recommend that you activate the ladder before you leave, so the next time you want to access the treehouse it will be easier for you.

Now surely you can face much more complicated puzzles, you already have the tool you needed

Video Guide

In case you have any questions and can’t get the scissors, we leave you this Quick Tips video guide, where in just over a minute you will see how to complete the puzzle and get your reward.

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  1. I dropped the scissors in night 2 in the museum and I can’t find them and they aren’t in my inventory and I can’t go back to the tree house and get it what should I do and where would they be?

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