High On Life Mag Boots (How To Get)

high on life mag boots

Last Updated on 22 December, 2022

High On Life Mag Boots –  Do you yet feel the magnetic energy? See our guide for tips on getting Mag Boots in High on Life.

Action-adventure videogame High on Life features a number of Metroidvania-style elements. Coming from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, we get a wide variety of unusual pieces of gear. Mag Boots are one example of this type of equipment, which can be used to adhere to magnetic walls. When you get these Boots, you also get a trophy or achievement. Many people are unsure how to obtain this item because there aren’t many explanations in the game. Not to worry, you can learn how to obtain Mag Boots in High on Life by reading our guide.

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High On Life Mag Boots – How To Obtain Them

By completing the storyline quests and rewards, you can obtain the Mag Boots. These boots are a story-focused item, therefore you cannot overlook them. When you receive the objective to investigate the High on Life store, you will receive the Mag Boots.

Follow the below steps to get the Mag Boots:

  • Continue the story until you reach the Investigate High on Life Store task, as was previously specified.
  • Then, go to the High on Life Store and thoroughly investigate it.
  • You will discover a deceased alien that died a terrible death after you leave the business.
  • You obtain the Mag Boots after interacting with the corpse.

You automatically receive the RIP Davey Glutes Achievement in addition to the Boots. Given this name, it is safe to assume that the deceased alien, Davey Glutes, died after falling.

You can now use the Mag Boots to return back to your home and regroup with Gene. On magnetic surfaces, you can stand or walk wearing the Mag boots. The moment you interact with the magnetic surface, Knifey will help you in moving either sideways or upward.

mag boots

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