How To Defeat Nipulon in High on Life?

how to defeat nipulon in high on life

Last Updated on 22 December, 2022

How To Defeat Nipulon in High on Life – Here is a guide on how to beat Nipulon in High on Life.

Nipulon, the penultimate boss in High on Life, is one of the game’s strangest and most challenging foes. The conflict is tedious, excruciating, and very challenging. You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of the players who is having trouble. This is our strategy guide for taking on the High on Life Nipulon boss.

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How To Defeat Nipulon in High on Life – Nipulon Boss Battle Tips

Nipulon is a Port Terrene-based G3 Chief of Customer Liaisons. After you have defeated four G3 Cartel Bosses, you can claim this bounty. To get to Nipulon’s office, you must interact with the Bounty 5000 machine. It’s important to know how Nipulon appears before we start. So pay attention to how he looks since it will come in handy later. Let’s begin now that that has been resolved.

Stage 1

The initial exchange of blows will occur in Nipulon’s office. It is relatively easy. You are free to employ any weapon you like. As Nipulon will be around, you might as well bring Knifey to deal massive damage. Nipulon will activate a shield to block your assaults whenever he loses 25% of his HP. Additionally, he will let out a gas that will make you feel intoxicated and take you to a strange area.
Gene will be lounging around when you arrive in Blim City. A black hole will surface following your interaction with him. When you enter it, multiple Nipulons will start to appear.

Stage 2

As you enter the black hole in phase two, Nipulon will begin making clones of himself. They’ll encircle you and keep firing at you from all angles. It’s up to you to pick out the actual Nipulon from this group. Remember that the actual Nipulon has orange skin and is dressed in purple. The fake Nipulons will have a greenish hue. You will be transported to another illusion as soon as Nipulon sustains damage from you and loses some of his health. You’ll discover your sister Lizzie at the new location. Talk to her until a new black hole appears near.

Stage 3

The third phase of the High on Life Nipulon boss battle will begin once you enter this black hole. Nipulon will once again send his clones to attack you. This time, though, they will come together to form a perpetually revolving sphere. The actual Nipulon will be among them, hidden. You must employ the same strategy as before and seek out the Nipulon with orange-colored skin. You will be taken somewhere else when his health is 10% or lower. You must locate each of your weapons—Sweezy, Gus, Kenny, and Creature—here. Go to a different black hole once you have collected them all.

Stage 4

This stage of your battle with Nipulon is the last one. Your current location is a corridor that goes to Nipulon’s office. Before you can get to him, though, you’ll need to defeat an army of Nipulon clones. The fact that you can use all of your weapons at once during this phase is the coolest part. Holding two in each hand, you will be able to shoot through the clones blocking your path. The actual Nipulon will finally appear in his office, still holding the same shield. You will have the choice to stab him if you approach him quite closely. Nipulon can be killed with Knifey by clicking the prompt. That’s it; you will get the Self-Actualization achievement at the end of everything.


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