High On Life Secret Ending (How To Unlock & Get)

high on life secret ending

Last Updated on 22 December, 2022

High On Life Secret Ending – Trying to solve out a secret? For more on how to unlock the Secret ending in High on Life, see our guide.

High On Life features a ton of easter eggs and things you can overlook because it was developed by the co-creator of Rick and Morty. This also has a player-unknown ending that is hidden. You receive a short tease for the prospective sequel after discovering this ending. Furthermore, reaching this hidden goal earns you a trophy or achievement. But how do you get to this ending? For more information on how to obtain the Secret ending in High on Life, see our guide.

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High On Life Secret Ending – How To Unlock

This alternate ending can be found in Human Haven or the Unknown Sector behind a hidden door on top of the platforms. You must, however, obtain the Human Haven keycard from Clugg’s Office in Nova Sanctus in order to do it. Be aware that you can only obtain this hidden ending after defeating the Garmantous boss.

  • Use your living room’s Bounty Machine or Bounty-5000 machine first.
  • Hit the second tab after that and choose Nova Sanctus.
  • After that, choose Clugg’s Office and enter the portal to get there.
  • The keycard for Human Haven can be found on his desk. Take the keycard and go back to your house.
  • You must once more utilize the Bounty machine. Choose the Unknown Sector this time, and then proceed to the Human Haven.
  • Do Not Climb is written on a signboard in the center of Human Haven. Break the rules and ascend to the top to locate the secret door.
  • You can use the Jetpack to move upward while using the platforms as support.
  • Continue moving upward until you come across a door encircled by red lights.
  • There is a door there with the words No Trespassing on it. To access the hidden door, use the keycard.
  • A tunnel and a spinning fan are to your right as you enter through the door. You must stop the fan before descending.
  • Then, in order to access the secret ending, you must stop another spinning fan to your right.

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