HighFleet Controls PC Keyboard (2023)

HighFleet Controls PC Keyboard

Last Updated on 10 October, 2023

HighFleet Controls PC Keyboard – All the shortcuts, hotkeys, and also how to change the controls & default settings

HighFleet Controls PC Keyboard – Default

These are the default PC Keyboard controls & shortcuts:

These are the default combat controls:

  • W/A/S/D keys – Thrust up/left/down/right to move. Be careful of inertia and don’t get too close to the ground.
  • Hold Shift key – Engage afterburners for a burst of extra speed while held. Holding too long will cause an Overheat and shut your engines off for a period.
  • Mouse – Aim your weapons.
  • Left Mouse button – Fire primary weapon.
  • Right Mouse button – Fire auxiliary weapon (if available)
  • Mouse Wheel Button (Hold/Release) – Hold to set a bomb arc, release to drop bomb (if available).
  • Mouse Wheel Scroll – Zoom In/Out
  • R key – Cycle Ammo Type between regular HE ammo and the Special Ammo you chose before the battle began (if any). Be warned that reloading will take some time!
  • [Only during your Aircraft Carrier attacks] R key – Command your airplanes to retreat.
  • Space bar – Fire guided anti-ship missile (if available) at targeted enemy, with fire & forget thermal homing head.
  • C key – Fire air defense missile (if available), which will protect against incoming tactical missiles and small airplanes launched from an aircraft carrier.
  • F key – Pop decoy flares (if available) if an enemy missile is tracking you
  • B key – Expend a Fire Suppression unit (if available) to put out a fire on your craft or cool your overheated engines.
  • X key – Launch airplane (if controlling aircraft carrier).
  • T key – Abandon ship to save your crew (if rescue modules are intact).
  • E key – Rotate Craft Clockwise
  • Q key – Rotate Craft Anticlockwise

Landing Controls

  • Esc: Pause Menu (Retry / Quit  Load checkpoint
  • Shift: Engage afterburners
  • Q: Rotate craft anticlockwise
  • E: Rotate Craft Clockwise
  • A: Move craft laterally left
  • D: Move craft laterally right
  • W: Thrust upward

Map view Controls

  • Esc: Pause Menu (Quit / Load checkpoint)
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in and out
  • Shift: Speed up time
  • Space bar: Toggle pause  unpause
  • Mouse movement: Pan Map

Of course you can customize any of the controls on your keyboard, and even adapt all the action to another area of ​​your keyboard, it is very simple:

How to change the Controls & Settings?

Once in the game press ESC, select Controls, and change any key, shortcut or hotkey

Video Guide

A little video to make people aware that there is a manual for this game and to also demonstrate how some of the more obscure controls work, by Atova (youtuber)

Other Controls Guides – PC Keyboard, Playstation & Xbox:

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