Hole Dweller Cheat Code

Hole Dweller Cheat Code

Last Updated on 18 January, 2023

Hole Dweller Cheat Code – A trick to get infinite resources instantly, you just have to know the code that we are going to provide you

Hole Dweller Cheat Code – Infinite Resources

Use this cheat code to get infinite resources:


The resources will appear in your menu instantly, right after using the cheat. And you can use it again as many times as you want. So yes, it is a cheat to get infinite resources

How to use the Cheat?

You just have to start playing and press the arrows on your keyboard in the order that we indicate. Instantly, after performing the sequence, the resources will be charged to your account. Initially you will be charged x999 of each resource. But if you want more, you just have to use the cheat code again, adding x999 of each resource each time you do it. So basically we are talking about infinite resources

You will know that you have used the cheat correctly, because the resources will automatically appear in the menu on the right, as seen in the cover photo of this article

And that’s it, that’s the only cheat. We hope it works for you and that you liked it, since you won’t have to farm resources anymore

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