House of the Ashes Trophy Guide – The Dark Pictures Anthology

House of the Ashes Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 28 October, 2021

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of the Ashes Trophy Guide – All the trophies (or achievemnts) and how to unlock them, with guides, tips and video tutorials

House of the Ashes Trophy Guide – All Trophies

These are all the trophies and their descriptions, follow the links or scroll down for tutorials:

  • Full House: Collect all Trophies/Achievements.
  • Golden Path: Five characters survived the finale (Golden Path trophy guide)
  • Double Tap: Eric and Rachel both died in the same explosion.
  • The Thing :Eric helped Rachel purge her infection.
  • Let Me Have a Go!: Three characters used the UV wand to attack the creatures.
  • So You’re My Technician: Merwin fixed the radio (So You’re My Technician trophy guide)
  • Slayer: Salim killed five creatures using his spear.
  • Illuminating Evidence: Eric discovered the unexpected effect of the UV wand.
  • The Statement of Randolph Hodgson: Found every part of Randolph’s journal.
  • Full Clearance: Clarice killed Eric after becoming infected.
  • Until Death Do Us Part: Rachel became infected and killed Eric, or Eric killed her.
  • Into the Sunset: Salim returned home to his son.
  • Six Minutes of Night: Everyone died in the finale.
  • The Sword and the Shield: Kurum and Balathu chose to fight together.
  • Ain’t Got Time to Bleed: Escaped the vault without any lingering injuries.
  • Chekhov’s Gun: Rachel used the machine gun.
  • Heart to Heart: Nick killed the ancient warrior with a stake.
  • Climbing out of Hell: Rachel survived after rejecting both her lovers.
  • Final Girl: Only one character survived the finale.
  • Oorah: Eric and Nick shared a moment in the elevator.
  • Semper Fi: Jason went back for Salim, and they both made it to the elevator.
  • Start Thinking Like a Marine: Chose only Head decisions.
  • Casualties of War: Found all of the Black Framed Pictures (all Secrets & Pictures)
  • Portents: Found all of the White Framed Pictures (all Secrets & Pictures)
  • Scratching at the Past: Found all of the Secrets (all Secrets & Pictures)
  • We Are Not Alone: Finished the prologue in Movie Night.
  • There is Always Hope: Completed the Solo Story.
  • Ghost Signal: Eric ignored Nick’s radio signal.
  • Lost in Time: Rachel was not rescued from her cocoon.
  • Vision of the Past: Rachel witnessed the origin of the creatures.
  • Old Dog: Balathu made two kills with his spear  (Old Dog trophy guide)

House of the Ashes Trophy Guide – Guides

All Secrets & Pictures Trophy guide

The 50 secrets & 13 pictures locations, to unlock the trophies Casualties Of War, Portents & Scratching at the Past:

Golden Path Trophy guide

Guide to unlock the Golden Path Trophy and also the best ending:

So you’re my technician Trophy guide

Guide to unlock the So you’re my technician Trophy – Merwin fixed the radio:

Old Dog Trophy guide

Guide to unlock the Old Dog Trophy – Balathu made two kills with his spear.:

Other Trophy & Achievements guides:

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