Iconoclasts Trophy Guide

Iconoclasts Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Iconoclasts Trophy Guide – Unlock all the trophies with this guide – tips, locations and guides for each trophy

Iconoclasts Trophy Guide – All Trophies

These are all the trophies and their descriptions. Most are self explanatory, but you will still need help with almost all of them, so in the next section we will do tutorials for each one.

  • Coloring Agent: Survive the encounter with an agent (Story-related and unmissable)
  • Life Experience: Complete the game (on any difficulty)
  • Pearly Gates: Reach the city (Story-related and unmissable)
  • Beaucoup Booty: Get all chests in one playthrough (tutorial)
  • Multitool: Make all main tweaks (tutorial)
  • One-Hit Wonder: Beat Challenge mode (tutorial)
  • Feature Creep: Made a tweak (doesn’t need a guide)
  • Parrying Mechanic: Use the wrench to deflect danger (use R2 or circle)
  • Pitch Black: Protect the rocket (Story-related and unmissable)
  • Melodrama: Defeat Fitzroy (tutorial)
  • Psychopomps: Defeat Mother’s Corners (tutorial)

Iconoclasts Trophy Guide – Guides

There are three big steps to unlock all the trophies:

  • Complete the game once: Feature Creep, Parrying Mechanic, Coloring Agent, Life Experience, Pearly Gates & Pitch Black
  • Go for all collectibles and optional bosses: Multitool, Beaucoup Booty, Psychopomps & Melodrama
  • Challenge Mode: One-Hit Wonder

MultiTool trophy Guide

In this video you have all the schematics locations, craft them all and you will get the trophy (credit to YouTube user frankcubed)

Beaucoup Booty trophy

In this video you have all the chest locations and how to get them in one playthrough (credit to YouTube user frankcubed)

One-Hit Wonder trophy

It is the third level of difficulty of the game, you die with one hit. So although they are the same bosses, this video from youtuber Link_Z may help you

Psychopomps trophy

It is an optional boss. It requires you to find the four dead pupils (x2 in Blockrock, x1 in Ferrier Shockwood and x1 in The Tower) and access the hidden platform of eastern Ferrier Shockwood, but watch this frankcubed video if you have doubts

Melodrama trophy

It is another optional boss, watch this zeth7 video if you have doubts

Other Trophy & Achievements guides:

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