How To Beat Susurrus In Forspoken (Final Boss)

how to beat susurrus in forspoken

Last Updated on 25 January, 2023

How To Beat Susurrus In Forspoken – Here’s how to defeat Forspoken’s Susurrus, the game’s final boss.

Forspoken has a special final boss that many players are having difficulty defeating. This boss has three forms that you must defeat in order to finish the game. And their attack patterns are all distinct from one another. As a result, it’s easy to see why anyone would have a hard time with him. So here are the full counters for defeating the final boss Susurrus in Forspoken.

How To Beat Susurrus In Forspoken 

You must beat all three of Forspoken’s stages or forms in order to defeat the game’s final boss. Each of the three has a different offensive strategy, as well as different weaknesses. Additionally, before going, there are some spoilers, so I recommend you to try this boss fight first if you want to avoid them. Here is how to defeat each stage of this boss.

Susurrus Murmuration

Being Susurrus’ original form, this phase is the easiest. Attack Susurrus Murmuration with your dragon partner’s fire breaths if you want to defeat him. Susurrus appears as an eye with four other eyes around him. He won’t be visible clearly during this battle because he is hidden by clouds. But his strikes will reveal you.

  1. – Launch your column of fire at any red “X” marks that appear on your screen. This will deteriorate his health.
  2. – Susurrus’ form can occasionally be seen clearly in the clouds. Focus all of your fire on him right away to deal massive damage.
  3. – Birds will fly out of any “X” targets that you miss. These will be aimed specifically at you. You should destroy them while they are in the air, or they will come at you and chip away at your health.
  4. – After completely depleting Susurrus Murmuration’s health, a cutscene will play, followed by a quick time event in which you must press and hold L2 + R2 at the same time. PC players should use their Xbox controllers to press LT + RT.

Susurrus First Phase

You learn the move Skip before the fight begins. It is accessed by pressing L3 + R3 on a PlayStation controller and LS + RS on an Xbox controller. Skip is useful because it not only allows you to move from one location to another, but it also makes you invulnerable while in use.

When this fight begins, you will be on the ground, fighting Susurrus in his Murmuration form. When he appears, launch your attacks. To deal a lot of damage, try using attacks like Pulse Dart or Scattershot.

  • Susurrus will occasionally vanish while summoning other enemies to attack you. While you wait for Susurrus, eliminate them.
  • During combat, he will frequently launch energy beams in multiple directions or sprout attacks from the ground. Using Skip, you can avoid them.
  • After you reduce his health to 50%, he will spawn three Murmuration forms and attack and kill all three of them.
  • Be wary of the column in the center during the fight; Susurrus can charge it up and use it to send a massive shockwave. Skip can help you avoid this attack.

When the health is fully gone, Susurrus will reveal his final form to you in a cutscene. You will be transferred to a different location after the cutscene, where the final battle will take place.

Susurrus Second Phase

Susurrus will resemble a human more in his last phase, have wings, and be surrounded by flying birds. He will alter his attack stance at each of the four subphases of this final phase.

  • Use Sila’s Magic when the fight begins. This is red magic, and it uses fire attacks.
  • You should begin using Prav’s Blue Magic for his second attack change.
  • Susurrus will change his attack type again after doing enough damage. You should use Ola’s Green Magic this time. In a cutscene, use this magic until he grabs you and slams you to the ground.
  • After the cutscene, attack Susurrus with Frey’s purple magic for the rest of the fight.

He will try to teleport behind you or attack you with beam blasts; use Skip to stop him. Susurrus will be easily defeated if you keep attacking him with the magics mentioned above.

That covers this guide on how to beat the final boss Susurrus in Forspoken. Check out these other Forspoken Guides if you enjoyed this one.

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