How To Use Cuff Counter In Forspoken?

how to use cuff counter in forspoken

Last Updated on 25 January, 2023

How To Use Cuff Counter In Forspoken – Here’s a brief guide of how to counter in Forspoken.

One of the useful skills you can pick up while playing Forspoken is how to counter. This talent has a lot of potential value in battle. You can use it to both defend yourself and deal some harm to your adversary. In the process, you are even healed. So, this is how you can perform the Precision counter in Forspoken while using the cuff counter.

How To Use Cuff Counter In Forspoken

How To Counter In Forspoken

By pushing the Triangle or Y button on your controller before an enemy strike hits, you can use a Cuff Counter in Forspoken. The process is really simple and, for once, even forgiving. What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Wait for your opponent to launch an attack.
  2. Press the Cuff Counter button just as their attack is about to connect. On the PC, this is Triangle for PlayStation controllers and Y for Xbox controllers.

The more HP you recover, the better your counter timing must be. Keep in mind, though, that a counter will only ever restore HP up to the level of the enemy attack.

How To Do A Precision Counter

As the title indicates, a precision counter is more accurate than a regular cuff counter. You have the option to block a little bit earlier than you would typically counter. Although a block can be effective, it won’t restore as much life as the strength of the adversary attack. However, in order to perform a Precision counter, you must quickly hit the Triangle or Y button in response to an enemy assault. This move’s counterattack will be much more strong, and you’ll also recover a lot more health.

That concludes this guide on Countering in Forspoken and what Precision Cuff Counter is. Check out for more info on other elements of this game.

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