Forspoken Achievements And Trophies

forspoken achievements and trophies

Last Updated on 25 January, 2023

Forspoken Achievements And Trophies – Check out all of Forspoken’s trophies and achievements.

Forspoken is the first huge release of 2023, and it contains a plethora of trophies and achievements to be unlocked. You will travel through the mysterious lands of Athia in this action-adventure RPG from Luminous Studios and Square Enix. If you want to complete the game to the fullest extent possible, this guide is for you. This section will go over the trophies in this game and how to obtain them.

Forspoken Achievements And Trophies – A List Of Each Of Them

This game is only available for Windows PC and PS5 users. On the PC, you can unlock 53 achievements; on the PS5, you gain an extra one. Here is a complete list of all the milestones and awards in Forspoken.

Achievements / Trophies How To Unlock Them
Remembrance Say a complete set of memorials to the deceased.
Moves With your dancing, you can earn the admiration of the mighty Pilo.
Promises Make a special promise to someone.
Rebirth Attend to the needs of the Cipal people.
A Roaring Trade Poppets can be exchanged for all available items.
Above and Beyond Improve all of your spells.
Happy Snapper Show the children the photos you took at each photo location.
Cat Person Befriend all of Tantas’ acquaintances.
Through the Eyes of Another: Seer Finish the flashback challenges at the ten Monuments to Wisdom.
Barely There Hide for ten seconds — long enough for people to forget you were there.
Shocker Electrocute three enemies at the same time
Help Me Out Here In a single battle, use the Disperse spell three times.
Tit for Tat Count ten precision counters.
I Can Fly! To stay airborne for ten seconds, use Float.
Endless Runner Using magic parkour, travel 100km (62 miles).
Hop, Step, Jump Shimmy five times in a row.
Craftsperson Create a healing item as well as two of Frey’s unique pieces of equipment.
Tinkerer For the first time, create an item.
Call of the Fount: Baptized At a Fount of Blessing, you gain magical abilities for the first time.
Realized Potential Learn all of the spells that are available.
Explorer: Pathfinder Visit fifty different places of interest.
Pilgrimage: Initiate Go to your first monument.
From Every Angle In a single battle, use all four types of Tanta magic.
Forspoken Finish Chapter 11
None the Wiser Tanta Olas must be defeated at the end of Chapter 10.
No Mercy thirty Killer Blows
Breaking Point Complete Chapter 9
The Truth Will Out At the end of Chapter 8, defeat Tanta Prav.
The Hue of Blue Finish Chapter 7
Explorer: Seeker Visit ten interesting places.
Leapfrogger Jump ten times over your enemies.
Damned If You Do… Finish Chapter 6
Wildfire Using Sila’s magic, defeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect.
Might and Main Tanta Sila must be defeated.
Outdoorsperson Make a camp.
What Must Be Done Make it through the first Breakstorm
Through the Eyes of Another: Empath At a Monument to Wisdom, complete your first flashback challenge.
Knock ‘Em Dead Finish three or more enemies with a single Surge Magic blast.
Hell of a Run Continuously perform magic parkour for twenty seconds.
The Interloper Tanta Sila must be defeated in Cipal.
Unlocked Potential For the first time, spend mana to learn a spell.
Stuck Finish Chapter 2
Attachments For the First Time, Put on the Cuff
Through the Eyes of Another: Visionary Complete all of the Monuments to Wisdom flashback challenges.
Kit and Caboodle Purchase all necessary equipment.
Paragon Learn each spell.
Explorer: Call of the Fount: Beatified Acquire the magical abilities offered by all Founts of Blessing.
Explorer: Trailblazer Visit a hundred places of interest.
Pilgrimage: Adept Visit fifty historical sites.
Awakening Defeat Cuff to finish the main plot.
Archivist 80% of the Archive has been unlocked.
Abominizer Get rid of all four abominations.

These are the only achievements available in Forspoken.

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