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How to Dance and Use Emotes in Rust

How to Dance and Use Emotes in Rust

Last Updated on 19 June, 2022

How to Dance and Use Emotes in Rust – Everything you need to know to be the king of the Disco Floor with your dances and movements

How to Dance and Use Emotes in Rust?

The only way to dance in rust is by using certain emotes that allow your character to dance. The downside is that all dance emotes are exclusive to the Voice Props Pack DLC. The good thing is that if you like Rust, the price is not excessive, it’s $12.99 USD today (look at the date of this article), and it doesn’t only include dance gestures, the DLC has many more things. At the end of this article we show you everything you can find in the pack. But in conclusion you need the 3 dance gestures

If you already have the DLC, just press and hold the B key down to open up the emote wheel in-game, and choose one of the emotes to dance

How to Dance and Use Emotes in Rust – Video Guide

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand images, so we leave you this video of That German Guy where you can see everything, Dance Floors, Disco Ball, Megaphone, Internet Radio, New Dancing Emotes and more

Voice Props Pack DLC

Tune in to the Voice Props Pack – a selection of audio themed items for Rust!

The pack includes:

  • Cassette Recorder
  • 3 lengths of cassette
  • Boom Box
  • Portable Boom Box
  • 3 dance gestures
  • Megaphone
  • Microphone Stand
  • Music Light
  • Music Lasers
  • Disco Floor (Multiple variants)
  • Connected speaker
  • Mobile Phone
  • 7 achievements

Perhaps the most notable is both the cassette recorder, which allows you to record messages and send them to other players, and the dance floor, a new place to practice your dance moves with your emotes

Record your friends, foes or nature with the Cassette Recorder then play back your recorded audio with both the portable and deployed boom boxes. Tune into a selection of internet radio streams or play some deep cuts from the Rust and Chippy soundtracks while relaxing in your base. Take calls on the go with the Mobile Phone and use cassettes as answering machines in your Telephones to record incoming messages.

Project your voice across the island with the Megaphone or use a Microphone Stand to make announcements throughout your base. Design the ultimate dance house with 3 new dance gestures, a disco floor and music driven lights and lasers.

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