How To Eject Yourself In Goose Goose Duck – Achievement Guide

how to eject yourself in goose goose duck

Last Updated on 10 January, 2023

How To Eject Yourself In Goose Goose Duck – Are you interested in learning how to eject yourself into space in the video game Goose Goose Duck? Say no more!

Due to its gaming features, Goose Goose Duck has started to become fairly popular recently. This game offers up to 40+ jobs and a variety of humorous death animations. Speaking of death, a player by the name of ashton8432 just discovered a Secret Achievement that can be earned for ejecting yourself. Written Out of the Script with the purpose to Get Sucked Out of the Ship, this achievement is shown.

We have you covered whether you’re trying to complete every achievement or just want to get away from the chaos. We’ll walk you through the steps in this manual to launch yourself into space in Goose Goose Duck.

How To Eject Yourself In Goose Goose Duck?

To eject yourself off the ship into space in Goose Goose Duck, you must go to Cargo Bay in the SS Mother Goose Map. Consider the following steps for a better understanding.

  • Launch the game Goose Goose Duck first.
  • Join a game that is currently running on the SS Mother Goose map next.
  • After then, wait until the Duck has unlocked the Sabotage feature for two or more rounds.
  • After that, proceed to Cargo Bay, which is shown on the map’s south-eastern side.
  • As soon as the ship is about to be sabotaged by geese disguised as ducks, close the cargo bay door.
  • The player in the area will be sucked out of the ship as soon as the door is closed.
  • You earn the secret achievement titled “Written Off the Script.”

You can escape the duck who wants you dead at any costs by doing this in Goose Goose Duck.

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