How To Extract in Dark And Darker

how to extract in dark and darker

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

How To Extract in Dark And Darker – Here is a short guide on extracting in Dark and Darker.

You may escape a lot of sticky situations in Dark and Darker if you know how to extract. You play a fantasy PvPvE adventure game where you enter a dungeon with tons of gold. However, it will be populated by monsters, traps, and rival treasure seekers. You can kill them to take their loot, but you risk suffering the same fate. You forfeit your entire life’s work in terms of wealth. You can leave the dungeon with your loot by extracting. Players are looking for solutions to escape before being eliminated in this new game, and this guide will assist you in doing so.

How To Extract in Dark and Darker

The dungeons you explore in this game feature levels or floors. You will face stronger monsters more frequently as you descend deeper. But the rewards at those levels are far better. So, if you think you’ve gathered enough loot, you can choose to use a Blue Headstone to exit the level. These days, they pop up randomly rather than being planted in specific locations. You will hear a rumbling sound as they emerge if you are close to their spawn. Along with that, a notification will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When you locate the Blue Headstone, you can interact with it by pressing the F key to release a gateway to Dark and Darker and launch an escape once it’s open. You have the option of turning it on and leaving it for a while before coming back. They remain there once they are opened until they are utilized. But someone needs to guard them because other players might steal them. The same applies to Red Headstones. Make sure you are properly prepared before opening these as they will lead you even further into the dungeons. Although the advantages are significant, your mortality risk rises.

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