How to Revive in Dark & Darker

how to revive in dark & darker

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

How to Revive in Dark & Darker – How to revive in Dark & Darker is explained in the following guide.

Your teammates might die while exploring the dungeons in Dark and Darker. You can revive them, unlike the most of other games in this genre. You will have to go through a short, difficult process to get them back. Naturally, the majority of people want to know how to revive in Dark & Darker. We’ll try to clear up any ambiguity you may have because it is complicated. It should get easier for you if you follow the instructions stated below. We advise you to look at them below while you are here and trying to resuscitate your teammates.

How To Revive in Dark & Darker

Considering how crucial revival is to the game, many players want to pick it up quickly. Furthermore, despite being straightforward, the process is a little confusing. This is the reason why many players have failed to accomplish it. This article will demonstrate every method available for reviving a player.

The steps for being revived in Dark & Darker are as follows:

  • Take the player’s Soul Heart to the Altar of Sacrifice after first obtaining it.
  • Next, use your own HP to pay the revival.
  • Once you have lost some of your HP, the dungeon will revive your teammate.

After taking off the player’s chest armor, you can simply loot them to get their Soul Heart, which you can then use to revive them in Dark & Darker.

How To Revive As Cleric

One of the game’s main supports is the cleric. As a result, you have another method as a Cleric for reviving allies. The Tier 8 Resurrection Spell is available. Be ready for the significant knowledge cost that will be involved. Furthermore, make sure the player has the Soul Heart when casting a spell.

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