How to get a Mate in WolfQuest?

How to get a Mate in WolfQuest

Last Updated on 12 January, 2021

How to get a Mate in WolfQuest – Requirements, Farming Experience points guide, step by step mating guide, and also some tips to find the perfect mate

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How to get a Mate in WolfQuest – Requirements

There is only one requirement, if you want to attract a mate you will need 800 experience points. Because you need to be Rank: Pup in order to mate

Once you have enough experience the next step is to find a dispersal wolf that is the opposite gender. Dispersal wolves are lone wolves searching mates, so once you find them, and if you have enough experience, is quite easy. Just travel to a wolf territory (are marked on the map) find an opposite gender dispersal wolf, and make him / her your mate.

How to get a Mate in WolfQuest – Experience Points

So the first thing to do is to farm experience points, the easiest way is hunting, but you will obtain different experience points rewards depending on the animal you hunt:

  • Rabbit: +10 experience points
  • Coyote: +10 experience points
  • Stranger Wolf: +50 experience points
  • Fox: +100 experience points
  • Cow (female) Elk: +100 experience points
  • Cow (female) Moose: +200 experience points
  • Bear: +200 experience points
  • Cougar: +200 experience points
  • Cow (male) Elk: +500 experience points
  • Cow (male) Moose: +600 experience points

How to get a Mate in WolfQuest – Steps

  1. Get 800 Experience Points
  2. Enter a Wolf Territory (follow your compass or your map)
  3. Patrol the outer edges of the territory (the scent orb locations depends on the direction of the wind)
  4. When you find one wolf look around for more and Follow the trail. When you see multiple scent trails begin to converge, you are getting closer
  5. Follow the territory marker trail until you reach their spawn location
  6. Wait until a wolf spawns, and aproach it, there is a 50% chance to encounter a Dispersal wolf (indicated by ‘dispersal’ in its name)
  7. If it’s a dispersal wolf:
    1. Hello there
    2. I like you
    3. Let’s Play!
    4. Let’s Start a Pack
    5. (Again) Let’s Start a Pack (yes, again, because you need to get 5 hearts in order to bond)
    6. Give him / her a name and continue
  8. If it’s not a dispersal wolf: leave the territory and run away from the borders for a couple of seconds

Dispersal Wolf Coat Color

Coat Colours depend on the territtory, and some territories have their exclusive coat color, so explore until you find the mate you want

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