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WolfQuest Pups

Last Updated on 28 November, 2022

WolfQuest Pups Guide – How to get pups, raising pups (den, territory, raise, feed…) , protecting from enemies and other threats

WolfQuest Pups – How to Get Pups?

You will get pups after you get a mate, or if you start playing in multiplayer.

You will get different coat colours depending on the coat colour of your wolf and the mate.

If you need a mate, visit our How to get a Mate guide, and then go to the Raising Pups section, because there are some requirements after you get a mate

WolfQuest Pups – Raising Pups

Raising pups is a set of 6 missions / quest related with the pups, complete them all:

Find a Den

There were 4 available dens, but now (Anniversary editio) there are 27. If you need help finding a den, visit our Den Locations with Map

Establish a Territory

Choose your den and then establish a territory around. Is helpful to herd elk to Your Den before You do the quest. But you just have to Howl (H Key) or Mark (P Key) and do it again every time the meter goes down to avoid predators

Raise Pups

After establishing a territory, is when you get pups. First name them. And once they have their names pick them up and place them in the den (Space in the keyboard). Also Howl (H Key), Play bow (K Key) and also wag tail (Z Key) to train them, there is is a blue meter and you have to keep it high

Protect your pups

You will also need to fend off some predators, they are the main threat for your pups. In the Next section (Protecting your pups, we will list them and we will give you some tips to deal with each predator)

Feed your pups

You have to feed your pups until they reach weight =  15, don’t care if they are full, keep feeding them

Journey to the Rendezvous site

Just fill up on pup food and save that food until its needed

WolfQuest Pups – Protecting from enemies

These are the main threats (enemies, starving or drowning) and how to avoid them:

  • Coyotes: run after them biting them until they parish
  • Other wolves: You won’t see them if you keep the yellow meter high, but if they appear, are like coyotes
  • Bears: circle them and bite them from behind
  • Cougars: Like the bear, bite from behind, but you will have to follow them until they stop
  • Eagles: Stay close to your pups, and attack the eagle when it swoops down

WolfQuest Pups – Other Threats

  • Starving: Keep the paw prints meter red (eat extra food, go with your pups and feed them). Tip: Don’t mark the territory and herd some elk near the den and kill them, then eat the farthest elk first
  • Drowning: make sure you cross the river where its shallow and give them food if they lose health

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